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How to Buy Land in the Private Sale

Wondering how to get your own piece of Kitsumon land? Then you are in the right place here! Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to buy.

The Private Sale opens up to the public on November 4th @ 2PM UTC.

How to Buy

To get started, go to the Land Sale Page and connect your wallet to the site.
If you do not have a crypto wallet yet, you can follow this guide. Make sure your wallet is set to the Polygon Network.

Next, you will see the main sale page. Here you can select the amount you would like to buy and click “Buy now”. Make sure you have enough $KMC in your wallet to afford the box(es) you are trying to buy. You can also Buy $KMC with your Credit Card.

You will see a wallet pop-up asking you to approve the use of your $KMC on our website. This process can take up to a few minutes, so please be patient.

After the successful approval, a new wallet pop-up will open automatically asking you to confirm the purchase of your selected amount of boxes. Simply click “Confirm” once again to finalize your purchase.

There will be a short waiting time again and afterwards you will receive a confirmation message of your successful purchase, as seen below.

Congratulations, you now have your own piece of Kitsumon land! You can check the token tracker of the land boxes through this link and check if you have received the NFT on by searching for your own wallet address and looking at the ERC-721 tab.

You will be able to open your boxes after the private sale has fully concluded and before the public auction begins.


We hope this guide helped you with buying land. If you are running into any issues, please head on over to our Discord to receive fast support. To find out more about the Land Sale in general, please read here.



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