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Kitsu Diary — October 2022

Hello and welcome to Kitsu Diary, a regular series featuring a list of monthly recaps of what’s going on in the World of Kitsumon which includes company updates, improvements, developments and more! Here’s a mini round-up of what went on in the highly eventful month of October…

WOW! What a month it has been here at Kitsumon throughout October. In case you have been living under a rock, our big Land Sale has been in full swing with plenty of users snaching up some land boxes for themselves.

We released the Land Sale trailer recently to relay some of the exciting things about what you may get in your Mystery Box as well as a mega article on all things Land which you can read here.

First snippets of MOBA development

Within our Discord channel we released some initial sneak peaks of our MOBA developments, of course this starts with the Kitsus themselves and the Game Dev team are having a great time building the animations and moves of the Kitsus, preparing them for battle. Take a look at the Kitsune sneak peak below!

Make sure you keep an eye on all our social platforms for further sneak peaks and information on developments, there will be some really cool content coming your way throughout November!

Swipelux Integration Success — Buy KMC with Card!

In October, we were excited to announce the completion of the Swipelux Integration which means that users and players can now purchase $KMC directly on our website. Simply head to Buy KMC section, follow the instructions and there you have it! You can read more about the integration here

Major Milestone

As you know, our Breeding Mainnet launched towards the end of September. Over 7500 Hybrids were made in less than a few weeks throughout October, in fact by the end of the Month it was just over 8000! This is quite incredible and clearly players are loving this aspect.


We continued to build our eco-system of collaborations throughout October, welcoming the likes of Unicorn Ventures and Kingdom Game 4.0 to the affray. You can read more here about the exciting vision we have together with Kingdom Game 4.0 & Unicorn Ventures

Transformation Update

We continue progressing the delivery to our audience about the Transformation possibilities for our Gen-0 Kitsus. In November we showcased ‘Fire Bird’, the transformation of Pheonixa! This also means only two more Transformations remain to be revealed and those will both drop in November! Keep an eye out!

We participated in over 20 AMAs throughout October, preparing everyone for the Land Sale amongst discussing great topics about Web3 Gaming, In-Game Ownership and many more awesome conversations. Here is one of those great AMAs that took place:

Profession and Biome Overview Spotlights

We released the mini snapshot trailers for both Biomes and Professions, you can watch them below.

Development & Progress

  • New user flow UI and front & backend end dev
  • MOBA specifications (identify audience, abilities, formulas, animations)
  • Guild system UI designs
  • Unity engine Kitsu hybrid rendering for MOBA application
  • Marketplace now displays , between numbers
  • Marketplace buy listed kitsu doesn't appear as a buy listed Kitsu in owned section bug is fixed
  • New navigation UI development
  • MOBA abilities development

Last but not least, October would not be complete if we did not have a Halloween post, we hope you had a great time with your Halloween celebrations, Vampsu for sure enjoyed the festivities.

November is next…

It will be a big month with the Private Land Sale starting, further developments of the MOBA and many more exciting updates to come, stay tuned and we will see soon for the next drop of the Kitsu Diary series.

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