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Kitsu Diary — September 2022

Hello and welcome to Kitsu Diary, a regular series featuring a list of monthly recaps of what’s going on it the World of Kitsumon which include company updates, improvements, developments and more! Here’s a mini round-up of what went on in this mega September…

Land Sale initiative goes LIVE!

It is no secret of course that it has been a highly anticipated milestone for our game and players since the beginning of time (well, since the Roadmap was first created at least). Finally, we were able to release all information on Land, everything you needed to know about the sale itself, what types of land, why they are important to acquire and much much more was delivered in September. You can read the massive overview article here.

Whitelisting for Land opened as well with a simple and easy form to fill out so that you can take advantage of the early bird prices of land and secure your plots at the earliest possible chance. You can Whitelist right now here.

Breeding, Hybrid KitsuDex & Marketplace Revamp

If the magnitude of a Land Sale was not enough for you, we also announced our Breeding System going live, showing off the Digital DNA capabilities of our Kitsus and players abilities to create Hybrids. There was no holding back from our players, with over 1000 Kitsus being bred in the first 24 hours!

Want to see how the Breeding system came to be and how Hybrids are created? Check out this highly impressive in-depth video from our Creative Director, Mathew, & Community Manager, Tobias, with a extra special look at the new KitsuDex for Hybrids and the new look Marketplace too!

Staking Round 4!

Back with popular demand, a 4th round of staking opened up towards the end of September which not only helps players secure a whitelisting spot for Land, it also provides a healthy 15% APR reward for your locked $KMC. This means that you can contribute your rewards to the purchase of land, saving you money or even helping you to grab more plots! You can access the new staking pool via the brand new Player Dashboard and connecting your wallet here. It is first come, first serve (FCFS) so get in early!

More news to come early October regarding the Burn/Vest or Stake early module for the land sale!

H-2-O & Aquajet Transformation

As we approach the end of our Transformation 2D releases, here are the latest two to enter the affray. How cool will these be in battle!!

With only a few 2D visuals left to be released throughout September, we are excited to see the eventual 3D models of all the 20 Kitsu Transformations in the future.

Biomes Overview — Professions Overview — Kitsu Overview

In September we made it our mission to provide as much information as possible about everything Kitsumon! What better way to see everything you need to know about our 13 different Biome land types, 6 Professions and 20 Gen-0 Kitsus than in their own amazing overview articles which can be found here…

Biomes Overview | Professions Overview |Kitsus Overview

New Partnerships

We welcomed a few more amazing partners to the Kitsumon family in September.

Yesports — the largest web3 esports engagement platform, combining the rapidly expanding fan support in esports with the product and potential of NFT technology. Read more here

Galaxy Arena — a virtual reality play-to-earn metaverse that uses ground breaking volumetric motion capture technology to give users an experience unlike any other. Read more here

Listen to the Yesports AMA below where we dived into Web3 and esports gaming with over 100 people in attendance!

Project Development

Breeding Release

Kitsudex Hybrids release

Website UI phase 2 release with the marketplace revamp

NFT farming (Although not in use yet)

Burn Vest or Stake early for Land sale

Land Map displaying on front end

Game Development

Added NPC systems

Added player character and directional based character sprite updating Map Loader and editor

Server sided map region loading (edited)

What a jam packed September that was, October will be even bigger with further developments, announcements and more. We are already looking forward to seeing you in the October edition of Kitsu Diary! Remember to get involved with the Kitsumon Land Sale Whitelisting and secure your land plots early!



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