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Kitsu Overview

Explore the cute creatures that are at the core of the Kitsumon universe! Below you will find all 20 GEN-0 Kitsus listed in order of rarity, with a short bit of information on each of them. Did you find a Kitsu that catches your fancy? You can jump directly to its dedicated article for more info!


Super-Rare 1/250 Kitsu — Fire/Mana Element

As the primal core of the Kitsumon World was formed and the first bits of life and nature began to sprout on the fertile lands, one being was there to see it all — the one called Kitsune. At first it only had one tail — then over the milennia the world of Kitsumon grew and grew, and so did Kitsune’s tails and wisdom alike. Kitsune is the essence that allowed the other Kitsus to be born into the world, taking concepts from our world that had formed the Kitsumon World and giving them life in the shape of the 20 GEN-0 Kitsus. Kitsune cares greatly about all Kitsus as their progenitor and is the wisest of them all.

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Super-Rare 1/250 Kitsu — Fire/Void Element

The wails of the big bang echoed across the galaxy, shooting off a mass of energy towards the rubble that would later form the Kitsumon world. This energy was lying dormant in the atmosphere until Kitsune gave it life in the form of Neutronic, representing the galactic power of the big bang itself.

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Johny Silverpaw

Super-Rare 1/250 Kitsu — Lightning/Steel Element

Advanced figments of technology were carried over into the Kitsumon world through the big bang, resulting in a small city of Kitsu robots living in isolation from the rest of the world. Johny Silverpaw is known as the hero of this city. A Kitsu that came from the outside into the city and adopted their technology into its own body, becoming a cyborg. Johny spends its time roaming the skylines of the city and playing tunes with its tail-guitar and watching out for any robots that may need its help.

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Rare 1/500 Kitsu — Earth/Dark Element

The vestiges of Ancient Egypt have manifested themselves in the Kitsumon world in the form of hot desert sands and beautiful pyramids. Ruling over them from the depths is the regal being Pharaoha! Using a powerful combination of Earth and Darkness, Pharaoha masterfully confuses its enemies and traps them in eternal shadows.

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Rare 1/500 Kitsu — Poison/Steel Element

With the advances of technology in the Kitsumon world, its guardian Kitsune strived for a natural way to power the electronics of the world. Spreading its magic of creation to a nuclear core that had been lying dormant since the world’s formation, Kitsune created a being of limitless radioactive power — Nuclismo! A miracle of nature, Nuclismo alone gives power to all of Kitsumon world’s electric devices with its excess energy alone. On the battlefield, Nuclismo is an unstoppable force that has to be respected. Boasting high defensive capabilities and a destructive aura that burns all enemies that come too close, this Kitsu is devastating in team battles.

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Rare 1/500 Kitsu — Mana/Void

Baalimon was the ruler of its dimension, mastering runic magic and deeply understanding the laws of its alternate universe, but it grew bored of its home. In search of more things to explore, it created a rift that can let it travel through dimensions, and it found the vibrant Kitsumon World where it decided to settle down. This friendly Kitsu is both wise and agile, helping its teammates and staying out of danger with ease.

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Uncommon 1/750 Kitsu — Earth/Light Element

Exploring the marvellous crystal caves of the Kitsumon world, Kitsune could truly feel how the gemstones and geodes growing within them are filled with life. They were crying out in anticipation, wanting to explore, move, and exist as something more. Granting their wish, Kitsune transformed them to create the crystal Kitsu known as Geodite. Now with newfound freedom and life, Geodite has set out into the world to meet other Kitsus and to see all the beautiful places that the Kitsumon world has to offer. Using its refractive power, Geodite shines blindingly brilliant in the light and can use this to confuse its opponents. Through its affinity with the deep caves and crystals therein, it can manipulate the earth itself to create shields and attack in large areas.

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Uncommon 1/750 Kitsu — Mana/Dark Element

Born from that which is “on the other side”, Negativo is a being that represents contradictions and mystery. Twisting and distorting all that is around it, this Kitsu can effortlessly do the impossible. Opponents must beware of its tricks and erratic movements on the battlefield, or they will be sucked into its rhythm and quickly get taken out before realizing it.

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Uncommon 1/750 Kitsu — Lightning/Void Element

All things have an essence. The big bang was an event of unparalleled chaos, with wild energy-storms raging through the entirety of the galaxy. As these storms began to quiet down and planets started forming, only the essence of these violent storms remained — forming around the epicenter of the big bang that is the Kitsumon world. In its early days, the world of Kitsumon was thus riddled with constant storms and tornadoes. A young Kitsune, freshly born alongside the core of the planet, found these storms loud and annoying. Condensing their essence away from the atmosphere and into the shape of a living being, Kitsune created Giggawatt. While its ravaging storms can never be fully contained, this Kitsu has promised its creator to only “let loose” in empty areas to limit the amount of destruction.

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Uncommon 1/1000 Kitsu — Mana/Dark Element

One day, a gigantic lightning-bolt shot down from the sky near Kitsune, followed by earth shattering thunder. Once the rain had passed, Kitsune checked the impact crater to find something unexpected — a brilliant gemstone was lying there shining in all the colors of the rainbow.
As Kitsune’s paw touched the stone, memories from people on Earth explosively rushed into its mind. It quickly realized that this stone contained one of the essences of that world — this one contained everything about fantasy monsters and scary movies! Any thoughts that “this could be exciting” quickly vanished from Kitsune’s mind, after it had given the stone life and looked at the terrifying being that it created. Prepared to fight, Kitsune was pleasantly relieved to see Vampsu bow down in thanks despite its scary appearance. This spooky Kitsu is a master at intimidation and illusion, helping its teammates by weakening and obstructing enemies!

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Uncommon 1/1000 Kitsu — Nature/Ice Element

The harsh deserts of the Kitsumon world are an area that very few beings willingly inhabit. With little sources for food or water, it’s a mystery how anything can surive there at all. A much bigger mystery appeared however, when the being known as Cracked first began venturing outside this desert area and into the rest of the Kitsumon world. Nothing is known about where it came from or how it managed to survive and thrive in these harsh conditions, but this Kitsu is without a doubt both highly resilient and cunning in battle.

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Uncommon 1/1000 Kitsu — Lightning/Air Element

Giggawatt is the chaotic storm essence of the big bang, while Skyfall represents the harmonizing of these violent winds into a tranquil calmness. Skyfall was created naturally as the flipside to Giggawatt and is calmly roaming the mountains on its own, observing the world from up high. In battle, Skyfall effortlessly strikes its opponents from above and closes in on them even from long distances.

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Unique 1/2500 Kitsu — Mana/Light Element

Wandering through the rocky mountains, Kitsune found a strange geyser on one of them, shooting out magically pink gusts of wind. Stepping on the geyser, Kitsune shot high in the air and was transported towards a floating island by the current. After it landed, the beautiful scenery of the island was instantly visible. Magical trees and lush vegetation spanned across as far as the eye can see. Eventually after exploring the island, Kitsune came across the only other resident — a small ball of fur with a pink horn that was bouncing around tending to the flowers. They quickly became friends, and as Kitsune was about to leave again, the little furball wanted to tag along. Being too small and weak to survive away from the island, it asked a favor from Kitsune: Please make me strong like you! Kitsune granted the furball’s wish and its body grew with magical energy to become a powerful Kitsu, now bearing the name Unicopia. This cute Kitsu is packed with power and ready to defend its friends no matter what!

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Unique 1/2500 Kitsu — Nature/Poison Element

Where there is creation, there must also be destruction. As the world of Kitsumon started blossoming with new life, the necessary balance to this was born and rose up from within the swamps. Draconica unites the harmonious forces of Nature with the destructive power of Poison to ensure the world remains in balance. This Kitsu likes to fight alone on the battlefield, engulfing large areas in poison to melt away all who dare to approach.

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Unique 1/2500 Kitsu — Water/Ice Element

With the help of Negativo and Skyfall, Kitsune formed a protective bubble of air to descend down to the ocean floor. Looking for the source of a strange energy, it eventually found a shining gem of brilliant blue in the depths. Kitsune took this gem back to the surface and tried to give it life as a Kitsu, similar to the gem that formed Giggawatt — but it refused to change its shape. Eventually Kitsune had an idea, and placed the gemstone into the water of a nearby shore, before trying to give it life once again. This time, the gem started shaking and sucking in massive amounts of water into its tiny form, before transforming into a beautiful ocean-blue Kitsu. This Kitsu, named H-2–0, had little interest in its creator and only looked at Kitsune with a pout, before turning around and swiftly disappearing into the ocean. Reports say that a shimmering blue Kitsu is now sometimes sighted by fishermen at sea.

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Common 1/3000 Kitsu — Water/Air Element

Aquajet has always loved the vibrant beaches and deep oceans, but had little ways of actually exploring beyond the surface with its land-born body. Brought into Kitsumon world’s technological city by the one known as Silverpaw, Aquajet studied under this masterful Kitsu to learn all about augmenting itself with technology. Now fully primed for ocean exploration, Aquajet has been surfing across the waves and plunging into the depths to its heart’s content. This Kitsu has managed to adopt the water element as its own and gained many unique powers by combining its speedy intelligent nature with the slippery augmentations that water can bring.

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Common 1/3000 Kitsu — Fire/Light Element

Shortly after the formation of the Kitsumon world, the planet’s surface was filled with chaos. At the center of this was the largest volcano in all the lands, always threatening to erupt large amounts of lava at a moment’s notice. Kitsune had only recently been born alongside the planet itself and was still in a primal state, more of a planetary avatar instead of an individual being. Carrying out the planet’s desire to stabilize, Kitsune channeled all the world’s chaos into this central volcano making it glow bright red with destructive force. At the height of this power, Kitsune then forced the very core of this chaos into a physical body to contain it. The newly created being, floating above the volcano, was made of pure fire and burning too strongly to stay in one piece. It collapsed into ashes and the whole world went dark for a moment, until a ray of fire shot up from the volcano, revealing the being’s new form as a majestic phoenix that contains the endless chaos and fire within itself — Phoenixa was born. This Kitsu has immense powers of healing and regeneration, using cleansing fire to heal its allies and ward off enemies.

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KitsuDex Entry #18 — Lucky 777

Common 1/3000 Kitsu — Psychic/Air Element

Lucky 777 is the embodiment of intelligence, gambling and luck from our world. Unlike Vampsu and other Kitsus that got their form thanks to Kitsune, Lucky 777 had managed to attain sentience all by itself and was roaming the Kitsumon world in a spirit-like form. After eventually running into Kitsune by chance, Lucky 777 took a liking to Kitsune’s form and decided to shape itself into a Kitsu as well. It can be found both in the dark backalleys gambling with its fellow playmates, as well as in the middle of Kitsumon world’s bustling cities ready to hustle unsuspecting guests in a quick game.

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KitsuDex Entry #19 — Golderado

Common 1/3000 Kitsu — Light/Steel Element

Since the early days of the Kitsumon world, when nature and vegetation began to spread and the first animals were beginning to populate the land, one place drew the most attention to itself. Manifested from our own history, shining temples of gold in style of the ancient Aztecs had formed in one of the forests of this new world. At the center of these temples was a strange Egg made of pure solid gold, with the forest animals seeming to worship it. Once it had enough of its long slumber, the egg hatched and revealed a wondrous creature of solid gold — Golderado had been born. This mysterious Kitsu rarely steps outside the temples of its home, but seems to have a strong attachment to the forest animals and protects them from all danger. After many centuries, the golden temples and Golderado itself now lie mostly underground, only found by those with unwavering dedication…

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KitsuDex Entry #20 — Cloverfield

Common 1/3000 Kitsu — Nature/Psychic Element

In the world of Kitsumon, lush nature and beautiful life is abundant in most of the lands. At the heart of this world’s wonderful ecosystem is a gigantic tree that radiates pure energy and lets life blossom to its fullest. Ever since this tree was a small sapling, Kitsune had watched over it and visited it frequently. Over the millennia, as the tree grew larger and larger, it began to develop a consciousness and conversed with Kitsune to hear the stories of its adventures. A recurring theme of Kitsune’s stories was how it gave a physical body to many of the Kitsus that now roam the lands, so the tree had an idea and asked a favor to Kitsune. Being excited to spend more time with its old friend from now on, Kitsune of course gladly accepted the request. Cutting a large branch off of the gigantic tree, Kitsune molded a body out of its bark and leaves to allow its friend to move freely all across the world. Giving it the name of Cloverfield, Kitsune would go on to travel with another faithful companion. Cloverfield uses its radiant life-giving energy to heal and empower everything it comes across.

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We hope you enjoyed this overview on all the GEN-0 Kitsus. Find out all about what these awesome creatures can do and learn about Breeding in Kitsumon. There are similar articles to this one if you want to catch up on the Professions and Biomes of Kitsumon, so make sure to check them out! We have lots of news lined up, if you want to stay up to date then join us on Discord and Twitter.



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