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Kitsumon Biomes Overview

To celebrate the finished release of all our Biomes, we have created an overview of all of them in one article! Read through each biome’s introduction and easily jump into the full articles for the biomes that interest you the most.

Plains Biome

Plains are the most common lands in the game, and they are one of the safest biomes to start exploring the world of Kitsumon. Land plots in the plains allow you to experience the world of Kitsumon and all the professions without anything that alters their effects. All the other biomes except Plains have both positive and negative effects on different professions. There are various objects, elements, and points of interest that you will encounter while you play Kitsumon. These objects can change in rarity and variety in different biomes, but in plains everything is available in a balanced amount!

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Forest Biome

Forests are one of the best biomes for farming and they are one of the richest biomes in number of trees. Land plots in forest biomes have multiple advantages for farmers, so if you are looking forward to spending your time farming on your land, you can consider forests as one of the best choices. Besides your own land plot, you can find various trees while exploring the world in the forest regions, which you can cut down to use their wood for heat or to craft items. Forests have many unnatural creatures and other interesting beings and places that you can encounter; You won’t regret the time you will spend in the Kitsumon world’s forests!

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Desert Biome

Oceans of sand! Deserts are lands full of wonders and dangers. Make sure you know the advantages and the disadvantages of this biome before you buy a land here. Lack of water has caused farming to be tough in these regions, yet there are numerous advantages for other professions that you can gain by having a land in the desert. There are various cities with items to buy and people to meet in the deserts and outside the cities, you will face gigantic sand worms. Be prepared, equip yourself, and explore the deserts of Kitsumon!

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Oasis Biome

The Oasis biome is one of the rarest biomes in the Kitsumon world and can only be found within Desert biomes. However, unlike Deserts, Oasis lands are farming heavens! Oasis regions are relatively small, but they are packed with plenty of secrets to uncover! Even the Oasis biome has its downsides, but it’s packed with so many benefits that it’s easy to look past the bad aspects. From granting the player access to a rare protective flower, all the way to significantly boosting several professions all at once, the Oasis biome is truly full of wonders. If you own 2 land plots, one from the Oasis biome and another one from the Desert biome bordering your Oasis, the boosters of your Desert biome will also apply to your Oasis land plot. To top it off, only the positive effects of the desert will apply while the negatives are left behind. Take your chance to build your very own dream land within the Oasis!

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Snow Biome

Face the cold and what it brings in the Snow biome! Step into the Snow biome if you’re ready to face its challenges and rewards. It is relatively difficult to master most professions in this biome since the cold makes almost everything more challenging. However, if you invest enough time, you can turn your Snow biome land into a land that can bring you wondrous rewards that not many can imagine. Almost all professions start out harder in this biome but as you progress, you will start seeing your hard work pay off. The Snow biome is also the home of many snow beasts and rare creatures that you can hunt to gain various valuable items. And lastly, the Glacier biome, which is a unique biome with some crazy stat improvements, can only be found within the Snow biome. So put on your warmest clothes and begin exploring!

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Glacier Biome

Challenge your skills and patience in the Glacier biome, and see what you are made of! Much like the Oasis biome, the Glaciers are also a rare type of biome that can only be found within another specific area. While the Oasis biome brings a lot of positives and some negatives, the Glaciers retain a lot more of the challenging aspects of the area that surrounds them. Since they are covered with ice, exploring them can be quite tricky for inexperienced players who are lacking the right equipment. However, in return for these tricky conditions, some extraordinary perks can be found in the Glaciers as well. Sitting on top of a vast icy ocean, the Glacier biome is ideal for progressing in the Fishing profession and also boasts some rare items and big stat-boosts. So grab your fishing rods and dress warmly, before jumping onto the Glaciers!

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Swamp Biome

Fertile soil and plenty of humidity are the key features of the Swamps biome. Take a look into the Swamps of Kitsumon where the water and the greenery have created a dynamic biome full of wonders. Get into farming or benefit from the stat improvements to fishing that this biome offers, but be careful, as beneficial as these lands are for your crops and animals, they help out weeds and diseases just as much! So be ready to keep your farm in order, keep your animals safe, and explore the swamps to fight strange monsters and discover hidden treasure. The swamps offer something for everyone, from tough challenges to friendly quest-giving NPCs, as long as you proceed with caution the Swamps are sure to give you a good time.

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Badlands Biome

Pick up your pickaxe and dig deep into the mines on the Badlands! This biome is arguably the best choice out there for mining, offering numerous advantages that make it stand out for all gemstone enthusiasts. The Badlands are rugged lands full of mines waiting to be discovered. These lands have harder soil, making farming more challenging. Moreover, the dry lands are less comfortable for fishing compared to most of the other professions. Other than its rich mines, badlands are also well known for their few but unique cities. You can find various interesting items or get involved in mesmerizing stories in the quests that will be offered to you here.

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Beach Biome

Enjoy the seaside where the water is blue and the grass is green! Own a land plot in the beach biome to have quick access to the sea and all the wonders of the ocean, and benefit from the land’s fertile soil and water resources. However, you need to be careful if you want to start crafting tools or make potions here because the high humidity can have bad effects on these activities. Grow special types of sea plants unavailable in any other region, raise your fish in beautiful ponds, and if you are just wandering around, make sure you don’t miss out on the welcoming people of the coastal cities, and catch some fish alongside them on the boardwalk!

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Stone Biome

Set your sights on the Stone biome if you have a heart of stone and hands of steel! Stone is one of the first and most crucial things that formed human civilizations. In Kitsumon, the Stone biomes are blessed with extraordinary attributes that gives whoever lives there the power to craft. So if you are looking forward to crafting magnificent tools in the world of Kitsumon, get ready to step on the stones! The Stone biome is not only for Craftsmen though. Most of the professions benefit from the effects of this biome, however, you should also closely evaluate the negatives of these stones so they don’t weigh you down! The open world of the Stone biome is full of creatures and dungeons that you can explore, rewarding you with precious items that you can use to progress in many professions. Keep searching, and you will find great treasures beneath the stones.

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Moon Touched Biome

The Moon Touched biome inherits a gift from the depths of a magic moon orbiting the Kitsumon world. The touch of the magic moon has given these lands some oddly satisfying attributes. Great knowledge can be gained from growing herbs in the magic soil, and the bonuses to farming are unequaled by any other biomes. However, farmers must be careful because this land does not take kindly to animals that step onto its soil. The mythical “Space” mushroom can only grow in the Moon Touched biome and it gives strange powers to both Kitsus and their trainers alike!

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Void Biome

Enter the Void to face what it feels to feel nothing. The Void is one of the 3 special biomes and by far the most unique biome in the entire game. Players who decide to enter the Void should be prepared to face the unseen. These lands seem to be stuck in time, as they show signs of the Void consuming reality before the Big Bang that created the Kitsumon Metaverse. These lands sing the hymns of Annihilation, yet they also bring the gift of life. In its eerie quietude, there are endless possibilities.

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Forbidden Forests Biome

People of the Shrunken Cities warned travelers about the forests that swallow any who dare go inside. The people who moved to these lands in hopes of farming and earning a fortune, only received curses in return. They called these lands, the Forbidden Forests. If you find yourself braver than many others who failed in these lands, get a land plot in the Forbidden Forests and test your luck and your skill. These lands bless the people who are in them, but if for any reason you anger the Gods, you won’t be safe from the curse of these forests. Many have failed to stay on the good side of the Gods. Can you?

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We hope you enjoyed this biome overview! If you like these kind of articles, make sure to also check out the Professions Overview and the Kitsu Overview. Stay tuned on our Discord and Twitter for the latest news.



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