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Kitsumon Breeding Mainnet Release

Welcome Kitsu Family! After extensive beta-testing, we are very excited to finally bring you the mainnet release of our Breeding gameplay. We’re sure many of you are ready to jump in and start breeding, so this article will go through everything you need to know to get started right away.

If you don’t have any GEN-0 Kitsu Eggs yet, head on over to our Marketplace to get some!

How to Hatch your Kitsus

Are you already a proud owner of some GEN-0 Eggs? Then follow the video guide below to finally break them out of their shell!

Depending on network load the hatching process could take a few minutes.

Breeding UI Walkthrough

From the breeding page, you can select which Kitsus you would like to breed.

Once you have selected two Kitsus, you can view their stats and start breeding!

It costs 1 Infinity Potion for each time you breed two Kitsus together. To stock up on Infinity Potions, head on over to our Potion Sale Page. You can also copy your Referral link from there and send it to your friends — if they buy a potion you receive a % of the sale!

Once you have initiated the breeding process, it will take some time for the egg to hatch.

Some steps in this process can take a while depending on the network load, so please be patient for up to a few minutes if you encounter long loading times. Below is a quick video rundown of the breeding process also.


Another thing we’re very excited to share with all of you is the KitsuDex we’ve been developing. It shows detailed information on all the Kitsus you own and can be found here.

On the KitsuDex page you can view your Kitsu’s abilities, stats, as well as some breeding-related info like the breeding cooldown timer.

The KitsuDex section will only show your hatched Kitsus, while the “My NFT’s” section will show every NFT you own, including eggs and potions.

Both sections feature various filters for easy sorting and viewing.

The Mechanics of Breeding

We can say proudly that Kitsumon’s breeding system is something no other project has done before. Utilizing an industry-first 3D rendering pipeline, Kitsu parents pass on their actual Genetics to their offspring, creating a combination of bodyparts from both parents that are represented in the Hybrid. Each Kitsu consists of a variety of bodyparts.

When Kitsus breed, 2 genes are passed on from each parent for each bodypart. For every bodypart, like the legs, the chest, or the head for example, there is a pool of 4 genes that get passed on to the offspring. One gene will be visible in the actual bodypart the offspring inherits, and the other three will be hidden and become relevant once the offspring itself begins breeding with other Kitsus.

The Primary (visible) gene has a 40% chance to be passed on, while each of the three Hidden genes has a 20% chance to be passed on. It works like this independently for every single bodypart the Kitsu has, so it can get quite complex! We’re using Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to randomly determine which gene gets passed on according to its probabilities.

But Kitsu bodyparts have far more importance than just the cosmetic aspect! A Kitsu’s abilities are directly tied to its bodyparts, so if you want your hybrid to inherit Golderado’s Sun Shield ability for example, then the parent will need to pass on the Golderado Tail to the offspring, because Golderado’s Tail contains this ability inside of itself.

Even with just 2 Kitsus, the possibilities are nearly endless — now just imagine what amazing things can be created with the 20 Kitsus we already have on our marketplace! The options will just get better and better, as our lineup of Kitsus is always growing.

Kitsu 3D Models

All of our Kitsu models are in 3D with their own idle animations so they truly feel alive! You can see these models on the KitsuDex and on the Marketplace.

Our state of the art 3D viewer lets you view the 3D model on the KitsuDex but also on the Marketplace and even on OpenSea, allowing free rotation and zooming to view every little detail of the models.

If you want to check out all the Kitsu models as well as the lore behind each Kitsu, make sure to read our Kitsu Overview article to learn more!


We hope this article was helpful for you to get a head-start into breeding. Make sure to join our community over on Discord to stay up to date with news and to ask any questions you may have — there are always lots of helpful and friendly people online to talk to!



A blockchain game about adorable Kitsu creatures in stunning 3D — features Breeding, Farming, Racing, MOBA battles and more!

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