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Kitsumon Breeding Testnet

We are excited to announce the launch of our Breeding Testnet! If you want exclusive sneak-peeks into our Breeding system, you can now sign up to be a tester in the Breeding beta test. You can also secure yourself some Infinity Potions at the best price right now to prepare for the full launch!

The Breeding testnet is a separately hosted version of our platform that uses testnet Matic and DERC-20 to allow unrestricted testing so that bugs can be found and fixed easily. If you become a tester you will get access to this testnet and get to try out breeding before the public release.

The Breeding release will let users breed their Kitsus together to create new and amazing Hybrid Kitsus with over 17 trillion possibilities. Below is just one of the nearly endless possible Hybrids you can create!

The KitsuDex will let you browse your owned Eggs and Kitsus, and hatch your Kitsu eggs to reveal what lies inside. Explore the thrill of creating your own eggs and hatching them!

How to Sign Up

Are you interested in testing these mechanics for yourself? Here is how the sign up process works! You will need to fill out this submission form with your information like your name and contact details, as well as your wallet address. If you have prior experience in blockchain gaming or even in doing beta tests for other games, please do provide us this information in the relevant fields as well to improve your chances of getting accepted. And that’s it, you’re well on your way to become a Breeding tester!

Excited for the full launch of breeding? Secure yourself some Infinity Potions in our Potion Sale and read more about the sale!

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