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Kitsumon Breeding Timer Increase

After the launch of our Breeding Mainnet, we have seen a lot of enthusiasm in our community about creating amazing hybrids. In light of this “Mainnet Launch” event, we temporarily lowered the breeding timers so that you can breed and populate the Kitsumon world to your heart’s content.

Now that the initial launch phase has passed, we will be changing the breeding timers back to their original value. Currently with the reduced timers, the breeding cooldown is 120 seconds multiplied by the number of breeds that the Kitsu has already done. So if you breed your Kitsune for the 5th time, the cooldown will be 270 seconds for example. The formula to calculate breeding cooldowns can be found below.

0 + BaseRebreedTime (120 seconds) + ((BaseRebreedTime * BreedKitsuCount) / 4)

The original timers are much higher than this, going from 120 seconds (2 minutes) to 259200 seconds (3 days). This means that in the previous example, breeding a Kitsune for the 5th time would have a cooldown of 162 hours (~7 days) before you can breed again. A similar timer increase will also happen to the hatching of the egg you create, which will always take 3 days.

The timer increase will be on Friday 25th November 2022 @ 4PM UTC.

If you still want to take advantage of the low breeding timers, then the time is now! You can read here on how to breed and get potions for breeding here. Happy breeding!



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