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Kitsumon Security Audit

Kitsumon has successfully completed its smart contract audit by the leading security company Hacken. We’re proud to announce that we have received their highest Security Score! You can read the audit here or check below for a summary.

Hacken has audited all current mainnet production contracts used by Kitsumon. Features including our ERC20 and ERC721 token, staking, vesting, marketplace, and Random Egg Minter contracts. After relaying to us the potential issues they had found during first round of auditing (none of which were prone to unauthorised movement of funds). We swiftly remedied all issues highlighted by Hacken and issued patches for all of them. After a subsequent remediation audit, zero defects were found and awarded a perfect 4/4 Hacken Security Score.

We hope these results will give the community increased confidence in using the Kitsumon platform and all its features. While one audit from a reputable company is an eggcellent starting point it is always advised to undertake multiple audits from different providers, as more eyes on the code means more scrutiny and more security. We will soon be engaging a second auditor to audit all our contracts, infrastructure and internal processes, to ensure bulletproof safety for our project!

If you are interested in all the technical details of the audit, you can read the full document here. If you’re a security research keep reading!!!

Upcoming Bug Bounty Program

In addition to getting audits from multiple independent sources, we are also preparing an awesome Bug Bounty program encouraging responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities in lieu of rewards.

The Kitsumon Bug Bounty program will launch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the full info when the time comes!

In the meantime if anyone does happen to find issues, please contact us with details of your findings in a secure manner on the following email using PGP encryption.

PGP Key Download
PGP Key Fingerprint:742a79537c21af36022814a9fcf4a15b93a38627





A blockchain game about adorable Kitsu creatures in stunning 3D — features Breeding, Farming, Racing, MOBA battles and more!

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#Kitsumon is an #NFT based game built on Polygon Network. Create unique Kitsu, master professions, and challenge other players! #NFTgaming #NFTcollectors

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