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Kitsumon x Kingdom Game 4.0 — Partnership Announcement

KingdomStarter is a main product of Kingdom Game 4.0. We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with KingdomStarter to bolster our INO Land Sale and form a long term relationship to build the web3 space, providing unique experiences and offerings to our communities.

KingdomStarter is an IDO/ INO Launchpad platform that provides solutions and utilities for the blockchain gaming community and crypto-finance enthusiasts

Partnership highlights
🤝INO listing: Kitsumon Land — next INO on KingdomStarter
🤝Experience partner’s ecosystem
🤝Airdrop: Hold a new airdrop together
🤝Marketing support: In mutual marketing & advice
🤝NFT Swap & Auction: Between both platforms in near future
🤝Community: Expand community & optimize users benefits
🤝Resources: Share resources of technology, NFTs & KOLs connection

Currently, KingdomStarter also have an airdrop portal on the KingdomStarter platform that has more than 70k users participating in the event, so it will be a support portal for both parties in the future. There are also NFT market platforms, Yield Farming, Game Hub, all released to the community.

We look forward to a successful partnership with KingdomStarter

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