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Kitsumon x MetaFighter

Kitsumon is thrilled to announce the new partnership with MetaFighter, an innovative skill-based Fight to Earn and Fight to Gain fighting game that allows players to earn, learn, and gain rewards for their expertise.

In MetaFighter’s Metaverse, Arena NFT owners can host tournaments and earn from each fight or get sponsorships to advertise on their Arenas, players can earn $FIGHT tokens by battling/betting against players from all around the world. MetaFighter represents a revolution of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur, while building an in-game economy that rewards users and extends beyond the traditional gaming entertainment industry.

MetaFighter provides a wide range of benefits for their NFT holders, both in the digital and real world. By pairing up with MetaFighter and sharing their unique experiences, we are looking to integrate cross-game as well as raise awareness in the P2E area. You can check them out here!



A blockchain game about adorable Kitsu creatures in stunning 3D — features Breeding, Farming, Racing, MOBA battles and more!

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#Kitsumon is an #NFT based game built on Polygon Network. Create unique Kitsu, master professions, and challenge other players! #NFTgaming #NFTcollectors