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Kitsumon x Olympus Game Partnership

We are delighted to announce another great partnership, introducing Olympus Game!

Olympus Games is a 3D tower rush game with a gameplay similar to Clash Royale based on the theme of Greek mythology. It will be available on the BNB Chain at the end of this year and will be playable on mobile and desktop.

Simon Buckingham, Head of Marketing at Kitsumon, had this to say;
“Those that have been amongst many of our AMAs recently, we constantly emphasis that we aim to strive towards wanting to help build the web3 eco-system and collaborate with likeminded projects and games that deliver on a great gaming experience and thought processes towards bringing even more players Worldwide to the Web3 Gaming space, this is for sure something Olympus Games believe in also as we look forward to progressing our relations and achieving this goal together”.

Matthieu Feuillé, CEO of Olympus Games added; “We are delighted to make this partnership with Kitsumon and its universe that will help Olympus Game becoming the best Tower Rush P2E game on the market”

Keep an eye out for the upcoming gleam contest and AMA between Kitsumon & Olympus Games as well as future updates.

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