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Kitsumon x TofuNFT Partnership Announcement

We are pleased and excited to announce another partnership, this time we welcome tofuNFT and their team to the Kitsumon eco-system!

tofuNFT is multichain NFT marketplace, supporting 28 of chains and sophisticated to the trade of Gamefi assets. They always aim to become a Marketplace that contributes to the excitement of Gamefi and the growth of it’s community.

tofuNFT have an array of secondary Kitsumon Marketplaces created including their participation and drive towards our Land Sale initiative. You can find the various links below:

Launchpad page for the Kitsumon Land Sale

Coming Soon…

Gen0 Eggs
Promo Eggs

tofuNFT had this to say about out Partnership; “In our partnership with Kitsumon, we will carry out various campaigns together, and aim to become a marketplace that is loved by the Kitsumon community.
We are confident that this partnership will expand the Crypto Gaming ecosystem”.

Simon Buckingham added; “It has been great working with tofuNFT through the Land Sale initiative and we have so many exciting things ahead to look forward to together. I echo their thoughts that this is great for the expansion of the web3 eco-system and many other opportunities in the future between us”.

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