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Land Sale Staking ROUND 2

Yesterday’s staking pool has filled up in less than 2 hours!! We have heard your requests for another staking pool — so get ready for Staking Round 2! The second round of staking will go live tomorrow on July 8th at 4:20PM UTC. You will be able to stake on the usual staking page. It’s “first come, first served” so set your alarm to make sure you don’t miss out!

New Staking Pool: Land Sale Tier

A new staking pool has finally opened, with even more amazing opportunities. Not only will you earn 100% APR on your staked tokens, but you will also be whitelisted for a spot in the Private Sale round of our land sale, securing yourself a better price. But it doesn’t end there — during the private round you will be able to burn your staked tokens to pay for the land you want to buy, even if the tokens are still locked! Stake today to get the most bang for your buck in the land sale.

How it Works

Staking in our Land Sale pool is very simple — just go to the staking page, connect your web wallet, enter the amount of tokens you’d like to stake, and press the button. After confirming the transaction in your wallet, you’re good to go! To ensure you don’t run into any issues, double check that you are on the Polygon Network and that the token amount is between the minimum of 350,000 KMC and the maximum of 3,500,000 KMC. Your tokens will be locked for 6 months and earn 100% APR; additionally you will be able to burn the tokens to buy land in the land sale even while the tokens are still locked. If you experience any troubles during the staking process, please head to our discord and create a support ticket through the #support-tickets channel.

Need $KMC? You can buy $KMC here!
You can find a detailed guide on how to buy $KMC here.

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