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Moon Touched Biome


The Moon Touched biome inherits a gift from the depths of a magic moon orbiting the Kitsumon world. The touch of the magic moon has given these lands some oddly satisfying attributes. Great knowledge can be gained from growing herbs in the magic soil, and the bonuses to farming are unequaled by any other biomes. However, farmers must be careful because this land does not take kindly to animals that step onto its soil. The mythical “Space” mushroom can only grow in the Moon Touched biome and it gives strange powers to both Kitsus and their trainers alike!

Effects on Professions

Professions can get a variety of advantages and disadvantages out of the Moon Touched biome, so before you go for this magical biome it’s important to make sure it suits the gameplay you are aiming for.


  • 25% XP and Growth Speed increase for Mushrooms and Herbs
  • Mushrooms and Herbs never become sick in this biome
  • 20% increased animal disease chance
  • All other farming products except Mushrooms and Herbs grow 15% slower
  • The “Space” Mushroom only grows here
  • Farming tools have 50% higher endurance here


  • 10% increase to Mining XP
  • Mystery Rocks can be found 20% more often here
  • One special rock can only be found here
  • Each mine layer has special effects in this biome


  • Chance to burn food increases by 20%
  • 20% XP decrease for all cooking that isn’t done on fireplaces
  • Kitchen Level 5 doesn’t support some upgrades in this biome


  • Crafting XP gain increased by 0.5% for each level
    (ex. Craftsman level 20 will have 10% increased XP gain)
  • XP increase for leveling up increases by 6% per level. (XP increase will be 10% per level instead of 9.4%)
  • Access to 1 higher level for all innovation machines (can only be made here but can be used anywhere)
  • Tools with Rune Slots will randomly get runes equipped to them when crafted


  • XP for all fishing activities is decreased by 6.5%
  • Some fish have a 20% chance of suddenly passing away
  • Some fish cannot reproduce in this biome
  • The Aquarium Deluxe upgrade does not include some of its usual improvements here


  • XP increase for leveling up is increased by 16% per level (XP increase will be 11% per level instead of 9.4%)
  • Some types of potions can only be crafted in this biome
  • Some types of runes can only be crafted in this biome
  • Some types of Amulets and Talismans can only be crafted in this biome
  • Initially, Kitsu Ascension Altars can only be placed here and in the Void and Forbidden Forest biomes
  • Chance to fail at all alchemy activities is reduced by 14%
  • All potions made with mushrooms and herbs have longer effects

In addition to these benefits, there are also some alchemy recipes that can only be created on these mystical grounds. The Moon Touched biome is one of the rarest biomes in the entire game, with only a tiny portion of all lands being Moon Touched. Seek for a land in the moon touched biome for mythical effects on your professions, and also magical events happening all around you in the open world. The quests you will face here will take you on journeys you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

Coming Next…

Enter the Void to face what it feels like to feel nothing. Players who decide to enter the Void, should be prepared to face the unseen. These lands seem to be stuck in time, as they show signs of the Void consuming reality before the Big Bang that created the Kitsumon Metaverse.



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