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Professions Overview

Catch up to speed on our latest Profession articles in this Professions Overview! Below you will find all the professions and their descriptions, together with a link to the full article in case you want to learn more.


Farming is one of the most diverse and complex professions in the world of Kitsumon. Get ready to experience farming and nurture your plants and animals like never before! In Kitsumon’s Farming profession you can plant over 50 types of different plants, trees, mushrooms and herbs with your harvests being useable in cooking, alchemy, and to sell on the marketplace. You will also have various types of buildings such as barns, stables and coops to raise animals and have a happy farm full of diverse life. Just don’t forget to feed them! With all the tools available for farming, you can engage in any way you want in a land full of opportunities to progress in farming! Keep upgrading and enhancing your tools and you will find yourself making a fortune out of farming while having fun at the same time!

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Mining is one of the main professions in Kitsumon. Get your hands dirty in the dark mine shafts to collect rare materials! Upgrade your pickaxe and stock up your warehouse to craft amazing items and earn a living on the marketplace.

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Crafting is a profession that is essential for all the other professions and skills in Kitsumon. All players will need to either invest in crafting or interact with other craftsmen to get their necessary items and to build constructions on their land. Craftsmen can build various constructions needed for different professions, craft tools and other items, create glass-based tools, sew clothes, and even create advanced machines. Crafting is divided into 4 sub-professions, which are Tool Crafting, Construction, Smithing, and Innovation. Tool Crafting itself has 3 sub categories called Glassblowing, Tailoring and General Crafting. Crafting is arguably the most profitable profession in Kitsumon as all the other professions rely on the products that craftsmen can make. Make progress in crafting to unlock access to various items and either use them yourself or sell them for big bucks on the marketplace!

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Become a legendary chef in the Kitsumon world by pursuing the cooking profession and preparing delicious meals for yourself, other players, and most importantly your Kitsus! Use the diverse set of tools available to equip your kitchen and unlock recipes that will give you the ability to cook meals that will not only improve your and your Kitsu’s abilities, but also boost your morale and happiness! There are several dozens of different food types that you can prepare and by progressing in this profession you will unlock better tools and more complex recipes to satisfy anyone who walks to your door for a delicious meal!

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Fishing is one of the core professions in Kitsumon, where you can use a variety of tools to catch fish and use their meat for delicious meals. You can also raise them in aquariums and gain income from visitors every day. Get in a boat and explore the seas to find rare fish and put them on display in your aquariums, breed them, or sell them to other players on the marketplace. Becoming an expert Fisherman unlocks new fishing quests and rewards, as well as upgraded tools and fancier aquariums.

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Alchemy is by far the most unique of all the professions. While all the other professions focus on raising or extracting first ingredients and materials for other professions, or using these materials and ingredients to make useful real-world tools, facilities or foods, Alchemy focuses on magical creations and turning these items directly into KANDY, the currency of the game. The skills that an Alchemist can master are varied, and other than these, they can even master crafting magical weapons. Although crafting weapons is the specialty of Craftsmen, magical weapons are all the work of Alchemists. Alchemists turn dust to gold, their breath has supernatural power, their hands are blessed with the Goddess of the Metaverse, and they are mediums between their worlds and the worlds existing above them. Turn to Alchemy if you feel magical potions pumping in your veins and you can sense the forces of nature calling for you. Pursue this profession to master several unique skills that will benefit all the other professions and players greatly, and make sure your land and your Kitsus remain favored by the Gods of Kitsumon.

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We hope you enjoyed our Professions Overview! If you like these kind of articles, make sure to also check out the Biome Overview and the Kitsu Overview. Stay tuned on our Discord and Twitter for the latest news.



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