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Swipelux Phase 1 Integration Complete

As you may remember, we mentioned back in July 2022 we were beginning the integration of Swipelux services to make it more efficient and easier to obtain KMC for both existing web3 users and those coming in from the traditional web2/gaming platforms and methods.

Users can now purchase $KMC simply via the use of their bank card directly on the buy pages of our website via this page.

One of the key missions at Kitsumon is to have the best inclusivity options as much as possible, making it easy for gamers worldwide to enter into web3 gaming and enjoy the benefits that the technology can bring to enhance the gaming experience. With Swipelux we achieve this ability and paves the way for further enhancements.

Please note, KYC is required if using for the first time, this is an initiative by Swipelux and not in conjunction with the Kitsumon KYC you may have done recently with ourselves. This is for your own protection and security as well as verification for Swipelux, we hope that you do not find this an inconvenience and know that it allows you to engage with us in a faster payment methodology and more secure way moving forward.

Further developments will include utilisation of this service around NFTs and other areas of our game, keep an eye out for further developments in the near future!

Swipelux is a fiat on-ramp that has developed a Top-up module. This module enables users to purchase crypto assets like tokens & NFTs with a payment card (Visa & Mastercard). Swipelux is licensed in Estonia, bolstering a fully automated KYC/AML process, liquidity providing, and card processing with chargeback protection — all from within their top-up module.

Reminders of what was said back in July…

James Kirkby, CEO & Founder of Kitsumon had this to say about the partnership “If you have been following Kitsumon for some time, you will know one of our aspirations is to lead the way in bridging traditional gamers to web3, as well as promoting inclusivity around the world. Adding Swipelux’s solution allows us to bring more users to our token utilisation as well as the game itself, which will benefit everyone significantly”.

Filip Kollert, COO & Founder of Swipelux added “Both Swipelux and Kitsumon believe that in order to bring more users into the crypto market we have to make the onboarding for users as simple as possible and that is why we have established a long-term partnership!”.



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