Not Even Age Can Stop You Now

May September Dating

Not only are mid-life singles not limited by race, nationality, religion, distance, or gender, but we are truly no longer limited by age. Forty five year old men can date twenty five year old women, wine them dine them, then turn them in for a different variety without so much as a snide remark. Well, maybe the older single women will say something snooty, but it will be directed at they young woman, not at the eligible gentleman. And that young woman doesn’t care what those old ladies think! Eat your heart out, she’s probably thinking if she even gives it a second thought.

From her point of view, she’s getting exposure to more of the world with a more sophisticated and experienced partner than her partying counterparts. A relationship isn’t all about screwing ten times a day and staying up late. It’s about conversations and understanding and going places.

Older men aren’t the only ones benefiting from the flexible age requirements. You might want to shame a cougar of forty- five for frolicking with a twenty five year old beefcake but just like her younger counterpart, she really doesn’t care what you think! The majority of men her age have let themselves go or are homebodies who don’t want to get out and play. Imagine you spent the last fifteen to twenty years of your life driving kids to school and activities, juggling home, job and family and suddenly your kids have left the next, your husband has flown the coop and all those 6 am pilates and spin classes have kept your body firm and your energy high. The last thing you want to do is put dinner on the table at six and sit on the couch to watch tv until moving to bed to watch more tv then falling asleep. You wan to have fun! And so do those young men.

K. T. Oslin shared the sentiments of many older women when it comes to their dating options later in life in this song.

As for the young men, an older woman who is still in great shape sounds just about perfect. With their hormones raging they want to screw anywhere and everywhere she’s willing. In fact, she’s likely to wear him out! Young men want to live fast and explore the world. They aren’t ready to settle down yet, and she’s done settling down. She has been there and done that, for years, even decades! On any dating site, women in their forties and fifties will be contacted by as many men in their twenties as her own age.

The girls his age want to get serious too fast, talk about living together and marriage. He’s just trying to figure out if he’s on the right career path, if he really wants to live here. And he doesn’t have time or interest in deep conversations about “where is this going” and “do you want to have kids some day?” A horny middle aged woman who just got out of a 15 year loveless and sexless marriage (as far as she recalls) who has a new lease on leisure and a sex drive to match his sounds just about right. Not only that, she’s not going to trick him into commitment with an unexpected pregnancy. She’s had her babies. She doesn’t want to embark down that path again!

In a few years, the young man might meet the young woman and make a family. But for now, May November relationships have a lot of allure.

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