The Art of The Leave-Behind

And a warning!

In marketing, a leave-behind is a piece of printed material that is left after a sales call, presentation or meeting. It generally has contact information, company or service information, and is branded to reflect the company or agent. The purpose of the leave-behind in marketing is three-fold:

  • To give the potential customer something to reinforce the sales message
  • To ensure the customer knows how to contact you, and
  • To raise their awareness through repeat impressions (called frequency)

Simply put, if you leave something behind, it will be seen repeatedly, even casually, that’s as good as an advertising message. Unless, of course, you throw it away.

In dating, a leave-behind is a personal item left at the other person’s home or in their car after the date. It serves a similar but not identical purpose to the marketing leave-behind. The purpose of a dating leave-behind is:

  • To serve as a reminder of him and of the time you spent together
  • To ensure a follow-up meeting or date to have the item returned
  • To leave his mark on your turf

Reading men’s dating sites you would think that women are the only ones who participate in this practice, but it’s far from the truth. And if you listen to the attitudes of the very jaded, you might imagine that all men want to get out scot-free without any strings attached or items left behind. Love em and leave em, so to speak. While some men may fall in that category, most men want to love em and love em again!

Now, even though I think leave-behinds are funny and revealing, and even though I try very hard not to leave anything behind, without fail, I always leave something! Whether it’s earrings (my most common), a pair of underwear (whoops! Can’t imagine how those got off!) a bracelet, a pony tail holder, or whatever, there has got to be a subconscious part of my brain that wants to leave something, or I’m just that disorganized.

As for men, watches and sunglasses are easily the most common leave behind. But I’ve had some really random stuff turn up at my house including a surf board.

Some women get upset that he might be exhibiting signs of being territorial. Well, yeah probably! If he likes you he’s going to want to mark his territory–he can’t help himself! He’s a man. And he’d also like to make the job of seeing you again easier. He’s human! We all like to reduce avoidable challenges! Don’t get your panties in a knot if he left something at your house. If you don’t want to see him again, there are other ways to return his things to him or you can just throw it away. But if you liked him, be flattered!

Now, I do have a word of caution. There is one thing that a man sometimes leaves behind that is really bad news. It causes lots of problems and is expensive and is always left behind by accident. You’ve got to be very careful to make sure that this never happens to you! The only thing you absolutely do not want him to leave behind is a baby.

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