Author’s Note: This piece is revised and republished with my permission from my blog at https://kittiephoenixromans08.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/expecting/.

As I stand at the sink washing vegetables,
You sneak up behind me.
Your breath on my neck
Starts to melt my cares.
Then you place your hand on my stomach,
And I catch my breath.
I know that spot is empty.
There’s no way to house new life.
Yet I wish…

I wish we were 20 years younger,
Together as newlyweds starting out.
A grainy grey and white photo hangs on the fridge–
With the next gold medal gymnast
Tumbling around inside of me,
Kicking against your hand held within mine.
That cock-eyed boyish grin spreads across your face
And makes your crinkly eyes twinkle.

But it’s no good.
So I start to inhale deeply
And melt into your arms again,
To appreciate the love, hope, and joy
You’ve birthed into my life.
Knowing that it’s enough for you
Helps grow it into more than enough for me.

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