Health, Food, Well Being, and Noseeums

I’ve written in bits and tidbits here and there about some of the health issues I face. It’s complex and about as much fun as listening to two old men grumble about prunes and regularity.

At a high level, food allergies in a different set of antibodies tanked my body. It allowed the natural flora and fauna to run wild and set several imbalances in motion. On the side, a tick borne nasty appeared in my blood, but not enough that traditional medicine would notice. My naturopath did, but they don’t know if it’s a new infection my body can’t fight because of the prior issues or if it’s an old infection from my childhood or adolescence in the middle of farm country (think barefoot, halter tops, long cutoffs).

In the years leading up to my departure from traditional medicine, I packed on about 20 pounds without trying. I was encouraged to eat right, watch my portions, exercise. You can only take so much until your eyes glaze over, especially when you can estimate about how many calories are on your plate based on how many fists you visualize over the food and pain tends to be a twin conjoined at the hip (knee, back, neck, fingers, toes).

This year, I lost weight without trying — about 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Scary when you have a family history of cancer, worse when everyone in the traditional medical establishment believes you need some kind of psychiatric pharmaceutical support.

I finally selected a naturopath and learned all the things about my health in the second paragraph. I’m now on a well respected, rigid herbal regimen; I’m only about four weeks in, but I finally was able to do 30 minutes of brisk walking and I was hungry for food and not eating because I must (not that there’s much I’m not allergic to).

I wonder how many of us are like that spiritually. We look so clean and well together on the outside, totally spiritually healthy; we attend the right meetings, talk about the right books, and listen to the right music. On the inside though, we’re dark and dingy, starving for the healthy imprint of God in our lives; we’re judging the actions of others, feeling superior based on works we’ve done, and generally lacking real connection to the Holy Spirit.

We can say all the right things from the Word, and yet we haven’t really allowed that Word to sink in and become part of the foundation for life. We do all the right things, but our motive is to look good and to look like we love Jesus, not because we love Jesus and His people (good, bad, indifferent, believers, nonbelievers) and want to please Him.

Food for thought…

3 John 2, World English Bible: Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers

Author’s Note: This is not medical advice. Do not construe this as medical advice. If you try my path, your results may differ.

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