Mother’s Day Thoughts: Strong Women

Author’s Note: You might have noticed that sometimes I write something and then don’t publish it for a while. That’s to ensure I have a steady stream of material without spamming all of you.

The strong women in my life — 
The mentors and encouragers — 
Most of the ones who knew me,
Who had even a hope of calling bullshit,
Most are long gone
To their great reward 
For lives done well.

Day after day,
I rue the missed opportunities,
Stories never heard,
Solutions never shared.

And yet,
In a deep recess
Of my heart and mind,
A part of them lives on.
What I did hear and learn
Lies buried,
Waiting for that one moment in time
When the chips are down,
Darkness descends,
Hope seems lost.

In that moment,
The Holy Spirit rises up within,
Triggering memories of their will and spirit,
Giving their answers
He had them plant
For just that time.

I want a younger generation
To see me
As I saw these women:

Valorous wise women
Of strength, integrity, and dignity.