My Command in Such a Time as This

My time is now.
I serve a Risen Master.
He calls me to an unseen fight.
Darkness cannot hide His light.

My mission field in the here and now is everywhere I set my feet — 
 The slow line at the supermarket,
 The playroom littered with Lego hazards,
 The desk holding a school report,
 The crying baby in the church pew.

My go may be a stay.
My conquest may be the fires of hell at the five and dime.
My church perfume may be the brimstone of a worldly bar gig.
My martyrdom may be the troll on my blog.

Until He returns in glory with the angel hosts, He commands me — 
 To love Him and others,
 To be His Hands and Feet,
 To serve instead of being served,
 To pour out my life as a fragrant offering at the Cross.

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