New Dream Dawning, Part 5

When the sun was just a hand above the horizon, the old green-eyed warrior settled on the rock by the lake. He started to slow his breathing.

He wasn’t sure which deity to invoke. Among these people, he’d learned to serve their War God. But a part of him went back to his childhood — in that land across the lake behind the mountain, full of mountains and cool, crisp breezes and fast, running ice melts. There he was taught to serve the So/un God.

No one ever wrote that god’s name. His name appeared in old hides but always with confusion. Was He the sun in the sky, or the male offspring of an archaic, unknown union between a god and goddess? The tales were lost, the histories were forgotten, but the deity in question was still served.

And of course, he didn’t want to forget any other odd deities that might be involved. The So/un God was rumored to only want service to Him, but too many other cultures had invaded his homeland so people no longer believed that deity was the most powerful.

The old green-eyed warrior male closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. He placed his mind at the position he was taught would open a channel to the War God. Taking a final cycle of inhale and exhale, he felt the tears stream down his cheeks.

“War God, So/un God, and whoever else may be involved — Why? Why her? Why here? Why us? We just want peace. We just want our children safe. Why do we have so much darkness that we have to fight? It’s not here yet. Why even fight?”

“Why can’t all you supreme, all-powerful, all-knowing deities go fuck off and fight your own fights? Why are we your game pieces? And what are we to do when we don’t want to play any more?”

“How do I lead these people in her place? And how do I admit something terrible has happened that we don’t understand? “

“And if I find her union mate, will he even be able to get near her? Will he be he, and will she accept him as the right he? How do we get her back to leading? And we still have no answers for that alchemist potion that’s allowing the dark servants to hurt people while they can’t fight back.”

Stunned, he jerked and almost fell off the rock as something brushed his ankle. In a glance, he began to laugh through his tears. One of those odd creatures there from the night of the fire was weaving its way around and between his ankles. He started to feel his anger and frustration decrease, and he began to laugh when it started to lick the scar on his calf from his first spring skirmish as a young warrior.

In the back of his mind, he seemed to remember something from his childhood, but the thought was so vague that the tumbling and rolling little ball of whatever swept it away with another antic that brought joy.

The sun was still too high above the horizon for his meeting with the older green-eyed warrior woman. He found his love sword a little tingly at the thought of just being around a woman who was experienced and wise and understood the cost of war, but he took a deep breath and packed the thought away because relationships with warriors never work, male or female. He sighed and began to match his breathing to the lake waves as he waited.

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