Nightmare Burning, Part 8

Still weary from the events of the last moon cycle, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch drug her tired feet across the threshold of her tent just as the sun fell and the moon rose. She closed the weather flap and kicked off her boots. She was still puzzled by the tent’s odd insignia.

She was glad she could bundle up in the union furs alone tonight. Every muscle was taut and her senses were heightened. She tucked her secret dagger beneath her old clothes she used as a pillow. She knew she’d rest but she knew it would be ill-advised for anyone to approach her in the night.

A part of her was uptight… the burning town, the miraculous appearance of both the townspeople and the odd merchants, the unknown illness that seemed to have no known pattern.

She snuggled under the furs, thinking about the first time she’d been with her union mate at the lake. She remembered the moon flickering off the water until the fog crawled in. The smells were different because it was a different season. Still she curled like she had curled at his feet.

She relaxed into place. After a bit, the weather flap made a flapping, scraping noise. She grabbed her dagger and sat upright.

She heard that old familiar grunt. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw the familiar outline of her brown-eyed outlander warrior. Her heart surged with joy.

“Oh, lover, it is so good to see you. I’m so tired. How long are you here for?”

He said nothing, but then kicked off his boots. He slipped off all his clothes and slid into the furs behind her.

She tucked her dagger back under the makeshift pillow. “Whoa! I’ll take this departure from what you usually do as an invitation. But I just can’t right now. I’m too tired. Can we wait til morning?”

He grunted then sighed in a way that seemed to her almost disgusted. He continued to settle in behind her, like they were both shovels, his front to her back. His breathing settled into a steady sound.

She relaxed into his arms, a little worried that he wasn’t speaking to her. However, she knew that sometimes being on the road wearied him in a way that left him without a personality for the first few days. She drifted off to sleep content to be in his arms for however long it lasted.