Ninefold Poetry Series, Post 3

Kittie’s Mix and Match

These were some ninefold poems I wrote on my own and not tied to Ninefold Dragon’s challenge. I loved the discipline of trying to focus and tame the tornadic thoughts I sometimes have.

Down Time

Our silent house sits empty and still.
No sound breaks through the endless coal night.
Life seems lost amid words unspoken.

I cannot comprehend your feelings.
Your hidden heart beats unshared longing.
In silence I live exquisite pain.

Our one flesh union provides no peace.
Connection is broken amid storms.
My soul flounders without your guidance.

Changing Seasons

Stacks of papers scattered on the desk–
Deadlines with pressure loom and strangle–
Nausea swells as the time flies by.

Agitation mounts as drive goes up.
Cognitive dissonance starts to swell.
Despair swallows hope as gladness flees.

Endless victory wrestles defeat
As I seek a prize that earth can’t beat.
Guard my soul; guide my restless heartache.

The Scene

She walks up–big, bold, and confident.
She opens her mouth to speak her truth.
I go blind-deaf-mute from disbelief.

Anger grows freely gargantuan.
Perspective rattles, growing cloudy.
Confidence shrinks, confusion expands.

Wrestling as spiritual adult…
Desiring toddler tantrum instead…
Cognitive dissonance stirs my soul.

Memento Morte

The grass is brown over your coffin.
Many springs have gone, still no flowers.
Your green thumb is trapped with you down there.

Arid and dry, my heart aches for you.
Your wisdom no longer calms my brain.
Emptiness overwhelms solitude.

Sing me a lullaby to save me.
Faith so freely given continues.
Your love for me outlasts your body.

Too Easy

Author’s Note: This was written in frustration at my husband’s undivided attention being focused on March Madness and not me.

You sit at one end of the sofa,
The boob tube holding your attention.
Invisible I write my twiddles.

You have an easy comfort in us.
Yet something in me needs more of you,
And I go unnoticed until bed.

I protect the union of our souls.
At my depths I know you do the same.
I wish dancing ink held your gaze more.

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