“Tear Down This Wall!”

Author’s Note: This is republished and revised from my original blog at https://kittiephoenixromans08.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/tear-down-this-wall/.

Brick by brick, branch by branch, vine by vine,
It grew.
Year upon year, heartache upon heartache, humiliation upon humiliation,
It hardened.
Nick and scratch, fights and false forgiving, tears and scars,
Roots grew deep and tangled.

Growing and growing, standing still,
She looked out–
She saw no one;
She was seen by no one.

The empty, aching valor of solitude
Gave way to the false, strengthening cowardice of silence.

Memories and illusions dance
Enigmatically in the neural cobwebs.

The word comes down from the eternal, endless sky,
Echoing the life spirals of history.
The beloved leader begs,
“Tear down this wall!”

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