Kiuas Team Up — Summit of ideas

I really want to be an entrepreneur. Problem is, I can’t come up with good enough ideas I can commit to. But that is not the problem I am concerned about the most when thinking about the days to come, not even close. For some unexplainable reason I am sure that at some point of my life, I will strike a gold vein, find the holy grail or something along those lines. But what then? How to actually start building the idea is the real question I’m worried about.

And that is precisely why Kiuas Team Up is the single most awesome thing to exist for people like me, who want to know what it’s like to work in a small company, but don’t have an idea for a business of their own. Not only does the event offer you a sandbox you can play in with ideas, it provides the tools in the form of various workshops and coaches of different industries for you to help validate and test your ideas. And the best part? You don’t have to come with an idea!

For everyone who wants to start doing

Kiuas Team Up is all about bringing people with ideas together with like-minded individuals and building a team around the idea they have. A great way for the parent of the idea to see how it plays out, and for the others to see how much their skills are actually worth, while learning a whole bunch about turning an idea into a business. Precisely the thing what I was worried about. And if this conversion from idea to business turns out great and the team notices that it might work out for them, they can take it even further, all the way to paying customers with the help of Kiuas Incubator and Accelerator, the next steps of the Kiuas program.

It’s all about trying things out

So for those still thinking about if this event is for you, I can’t think of a way the barrier for getting familiar with turning ideas to businesses can get any lower than this. Whether you are the person with countless ideas or none, Kiuas Team Up gives you insight on the processes of team building and startup entrepreneurship like no other event. The runway to slingshot your idea to a company exists and is available, but nothing is mandatory. If the idea doesn’t work out for your team you can drop it and enjoy the learning experience. There is no failing here, if you can’t continue with the original project you succeeded in realizing why it can’t work. Most importantly you tried to actually build something and that is what matters. It’s all about trying things out, learning and most of all: actual hard work.

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