Q&A — Kiuas Bootcamp

If the concept of our new event has puzzled you, we’ve got you covered! You asked, and we answered: Kiuas Bootcamp edition!

What is Kiuas Bootcamp?

Kiuas Bootcamp is an idea validation weekend tailored for early-stage business ideas and projects.

What exactly happens during the weekend?

During the weekend the teams will learn new skills in various workshops and receive feedback from the Kiuas coach pool with one-on-one mentoring and roundtable pitching.

Why should I apply for Kiuas Bootcamp?

Kiuas Bootcamp is an excellent opportunity to take your idea to the next level. Taking the next steps of your project may often be difficult if you’re not even sure whether your idea itself needs some development! Kiuas Bootcamp will help you tackle any issue you may have when clarifying your idea, starting an actual business based on your idea, or scaling up your existing business.

I have an idea but I haven’t yet established a company, can I still apply?

Yes! Even a rough idea of what you would like to start developing is good enough.

I have a project but I don’t have a team yet, can I still apply?

Yes! We understand that finding the right team members takes time, so it’s perfectly fine to attend without a full team for your project.

How do I know if my idea is good enough?

You don’t — but don’t worry! The very purpose of this weekend is to develop ideas; maybe your idea is good as it is and you can start taking those next steps, or maybe you need to rethink some aspects of your idea before starting your venture. No matter what the situation, we’re here to help!

Are YOU ready to take the next step?

Check out our website for the program of our next event.

Application period for Kiuas Bootcamp 1–2 December is open NOW. Apply here by 18 November!