The best way to startups

While some of us might have the skills to run a successful business on our own, the laws of physics make sure that none of us have the time. We are all limited to 24 hours a day. Marketing, sales, finance, product development are all important, full-time roles. Switching between different hats might work for a while in a start-up world but eventually, you’ll want to build a team of people who complement each other.

People are the most important part of making an idea happen. With the right people you will feel like home, the ideas will flow and you will create together something that others thought impossible. This includes creative disagreements that fine tune the idea. That’s why you should connect, partner and team up with like-minded people. These people are driven, they have ideas and skills, just like you and together you will make something.

One of the best team ideation methods is borrowed from imporvisational theater. Every team member participates in a flow of ideas with “Yes, and…” extensions to what came before.

At Kiuas Team Up you will meet and work with people who enjoy building exciting ideas. Those amazing ideas will then be refined with input from industry professionals who will coach your team on finding the value in your idea.

Earlier in my career I got to be a part of a team that had diverse backgrounds and everyone supported each other. I was the youngest of the team by over ten years and I had a lot of catching up to do. Even without specifically organized mentoring sessions, there were brilliant people around me no matter where I looked willing to answer my newbie questions.

At Kiuas Team Up that experience I had is compressed. The weekend combines the fun of team building with talented people, experienced mentors and amazing ideas. That’s why I am participating in Kiuas Team Up and why you should too!