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Kiwi Tuna

In Search of The Largest Known Red Cedar

Have you seen it?

Photo by Seb [ P34K ] Hamel on Unsplash

Mr. Mystery

This is a story about a man I’ve never met. I don’t know if he has a combover haircut or a weird mustache. Maybe he’s tall, maybe he’s short. He might even be missing a leg or an ear. Who knows?

I’m writing about him because I’ve been studying his life from a distance for more than a decade. He lives in a…




Ever had kiwi-tuna? Probably not. Me neither, but last week, I tried it and it was awesome. A new, delicious, unusual, and delightful combination. Are you brave enough for kiwi-tuna? Let’s see.

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The Button Collection

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Emily Kingsley

Emily Kingsley

I mostly write about animals, including the human kind. Dead or alive. Also body parts. Contact me at She/her.

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