How students in Colombia empower robots in California

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At Kiwi, we are artists & engineers working on making sustainable delivery easier, faster and safer for everyone. Our core technology is based on the philosophy of Parallel Autonomy Systems, a framework proposal that makes emphasis on shared control for autonomous systems. This means that while the Kiwibots are navigating the streets, supervisors are monitoring and annotating inputs to ensure the delivery arrives intact. This is to assure safety and improve our learning.

Being supervised and corrected by humans creates a large, heterogeneous variety of inputs for steering and velocity to use in our learned representations pipelines. Our machine learning model learns functions that connect images to control messages. This end-to-end approach allows us to learn the task of driving in high density and complex areas. This is very useful when you are crossing more than 1,500 street intersections per day.

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Orders delivered in Berkeley, CA — Spring semester.

From our very first delivery in 2017, Kiwi has achieved some incredible milestones. During the spring semester, we completed 100k+ trips, fulfilling meals to over 3k+ clients, decreasing by 60% delivery costs and reducing carbon emissions by 50k+ pounds. We are on track to achieve 1M deliveries next year made with electric robots that are taking cars out of the roads.

Kiwi’s remote team reside in emerging economies with job market difficulties for youths, and where large differences in purchasing power parity exist. Our STEM jobs create a window for social inclusion and mobility. Not only this, we work largely with students thus ensuring pupils are obtaining well-paid jobs. Other important points to note are that these scholars have the benefit of choosing their own hours, they can work remotely and in their own time between classes, and get experience with one of the foremost technological companies in Colombia, making them employable in a variety of industries. We also offer free training in software engineering, robotics, and AI for any curious soul that wants to progress further with our company.

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Kiwibot’s remote supervisors’ team in Medellín, Colombia.

Berkeley is not only Kiwi’s HQ but a place with the biggest urban robotic infrastructure on earth. We are already taking our technology to other places, so if you love: logistics, robotics, A.I, food, and college campuses, we are hiring!



Kiwibot / Food delivery robot

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