From Nerds to Gods

History of geeky peasants who’ve become world leaders !

Gaben is love, Gaben is life !

I guess all the nerds have been told things like “be normal”, “go outside”, “try to behave like people of your age”, “you need to live in the real world”.

Well, let me tell YOU something. The real world didn’t want them.
And that’s precisely why they had to find refuge in a parallel dimension.

Dat sadness tho…


Keep calm, it’s only genjutsu :)

The nerds are misfit. They can be rejected for so many different reasons : because they’re too smart, because they’re ugly, fat, or skinny, because they’re from a different country, because they have different sexual orientations, or even because they don’t have parents.
They just don’t belong to the mass and the mass has made sure to let them know.

That’s why there is always a tragic event in the life of a nerd. A founding moment that made him/her realize that he/she had to escape from the reality in order to survive.
The dreams, the comics, the video games, the manga/anime, the fantasy books, the board games, are ways to compensate some kind of void, pain and anxiety.
No-one dives deeply into excessive passions for no reason.

He tried to escape too far…

In these parallel worlds, they find emotions, responsabilities and gratifications that they could never get in real life.

So why not living in a dream forever ?

Because that’s not enough !

While they’re rejected, they still secretly want to connect to other people. They want to be acknowledged. They want to be part of the band.

But as a nerd, you’ll never belong to the normals, so the only way around is to make THEM belong to you !


“Since I don’t like what I see, let’s change everything !”

The world, as it is, is simply tasteless. The nerds know it. Here there are no dragons, no magic, no interstellar spaceships, no chivalrous values.

So what if they could make this place more entertaining, more stimulating for everyone ? What if they could break the establishment and distort the reality to make it their own, in ways people have never thought about.

Then maybe they’ll be acknowledged. People would love them for tearing down the moroseness of society !

That’s how you get a bunch of dudes who started building personnal computers in the 70s (I think you know them).

That’s also how you get a generation of genius game makers (Greg Gobbi, Hideo Kojima, Gaben, Notch, Shigeru Miyamoto, Michel Ancel, Allen Adham).

And that’s definitely how you get the best movie directors (Georges Lukas, Zack Snyder, Sam Raimi, Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro).

All of them could have just kept doing their things in their garage, for their own sake. But they felt the need to connect to the masses and they designed revolutionary products and contents.

They devoted everything they had to achieve this one and only mission : create better worlds.

So good…!

Their passion became their crusade. And they nailed it !



In 40 years, the geek culture has become a new religion. And our new gods are the nerds who’ve created the worlds where we live now.

Obviously, they’ve all become super rich and powerful. Game creators are now billionaires and the video games industry (the nerdiest thing ever) is worth $100 Billion.

Top Notch !

The new generations are now full of geeks. Everyone plays video games, watches Marvel & DC movies, enjoys fantasy with Games of Thrones. It’s not weird anymore to have this kind of tastes.

Because after all, the new generations are growing up with the internet, where the nerds have spread their things since the beginning. So for the young, this culture is like the air we breath.

Yes, the nerds won ! They’ve built incredible virtual universes that generate dreams for the people and billions for the industry.

But what’s the next step… Are we going to improve the simulations more and more until we all dive into VR and forget about the real world forever ?

Or is there a way to crystallize the dreams and interact with them in the physical realm ?