Templates and resources for the Core model

All the templates you need to run a Core model workshop. Updated Feb 28 2022.

Beware! The URL for this page might change, but you will always find the updated templates at coremodel.link/templates.

For Norwegian templates, look here

Read this article to learn about the Core model

The Core model template

  • Core model sheet in color (PDF) (PNG)
  • Core model sheet in black and white (PDF)

For an analog core workshop, I recommend printing the black and white worksheet in A3.

Mini template


Use this for a simplified version of the core workshop, or use it to pair write content.

Use File -> Download > Word document to download to Word.


The Core model comes with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, meaning you can use it freely as long as you refer to the origin. You can also make changes to the model, but you have to share your work on the same terms.

Please send comments and feedback to are@kjernekaren.no.

Happy core modeling!





Kjernemodellen er et praktisk verktøy for å lage bedre digitale tjenester.

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Are Gjertin Urkegjerde Halland

Kjernekar, syklist og far til 3 + kjernemodellen. Trenger du sparring, foredrag eller workshop? Kontakt meg på kjernekaren.no. // Inventor of the Core Model.

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