How to pass PSM I certificate

Yesterday I passed PSM I exam and got my certificate ( 😎

I managed to get 99% score (1 answer was wrong amongst 79 correct).

I would say it’s an intermediate level of exam. Below, I would give you few advice how to pass it.

Scrum Guide

The most important thing to learn. It’s rather a short document. Only 16 pages but it’s quite dense when it comes to knowledge. You should read it multiple times. I mean, really — multiple times. But it’s not only about memorizing it. During exam you can have that document opened, so don’t try to remember everything. What is more important is to understand every single sentence. It’s really important as the exam is very detailed and very subtle about wording. So download English version of the guide (you should have the last version) and try to understand it!

PSM I Preparation Practice Exams

40% of my success comes from practicing that exam —

It gives you a lot of practical tips and what is most important, access to 250 questions. I found that my final exam had about 80% of questions that I already saw and practiced doing that course. Amazing !

Other materials

This is a list of all materials that I checked/practiced (despite the Scrum Guide). Studying these let me pass the exam with such a good result.