How to promote your blog post

So you have a blog? Good! That means you know how to publish your posts on the Internet.

I assume you don’t write for yourself and you want to reach with your message, opinion or knowledge to a wider audience. If so, you need to know how to promote your own content.

There is some negative meaning of a word “promote”. It has some bad connotations with advertising in its worst version. I’m talking about using some tricky and not always ethical methods of selling something to somebody who actually doesn’t need it. Other words that lay pretty close are: selling and marketing.

But let’s assume you have some knowledge you want to share, or some valuable experience that can be helpful for others. Promoting that content should not be something repulsive to you. The better you will do it, the more you will help people.

There is no big value in a hidden pearl or piece of art. It needs to be shown to fully shine. Same with your blog post. You’ve written valuable blog post? Great! First point on the list is checked. But please not forget about second step — promote it (you can replace “promote it” with “tell people about it”).

I’ll divide my answer to a question how to promote your blog post into two sections: where to promote it and when to do it.

Where to promote a blog post

  1. LinkedIn ( — past a link to your article if it’s connected with your profession.

When to promote a blog post

There is a lot of studies showing when it’s the best time to post on different social networks. It’s based on few factors like: when people use it, for what people use it and how given social network is presenting posts.

These studies have a lot in common and show that the best time to post is:


  • Sunday (TOP) and Thursday — Saturday


  • Monday — Friday 12 PM, 3 PM


  • Tuesday — Thursday

Sending emails

  • Thursday 9:30–10:30 AM


I hope I shown you that promoting your blog post is a mandatory step. You should do this no matter if you want to reach to a wider audience but also if a blog is your method to build personal brand.

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kkempin’s dev blog

Dev and life blog. Thoughts about programming, design patterns, Ruby and life.

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