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Safe YouTube iOS app

I was observing my 2.5 year old son how is he spending time watching YouTube on my iPhone. I was trying to notice how he was using the app etc.

Pattern was like this: I gave him my iPhone and launched YouTube app. Then, I searched for something appropriate for him like “learning shapes”. What I’ve noticed was that he was switching current video picking one from the videos proposed by YouTube. After few “jumps” what he was watching was far away from what I initially picked from him (when it comes to topic).

That’s why I decided to create me own iPhone/iPad which is focused only on YouTube search results and allow to set time limit for a session of watching.

I hope that app will be helpful for parents struggling with the problem I had.

Safe YouTube iPhone/iPad app allows you control what and for how long your children are watching YouTube. You can enter the topic of videos and time to be sure that the proper videos are served to your kids.

With Safe YouTube you will be sure that only videos that your child will be watching are those from basic search results.

Safe YouTube app logo

With Safe YouTube you plan how many minutes your child can spent watching videos. When the time is over we will present nice animation encouraging to do something else, like playing around. After few sessions, your children will know, that when the animation is shown — he/she should finish watching.

Searching for a new topic is protected by a PIN. We will ask you to setup it during first run of the app. Every time you want to start watching, you will be asked for a PIN.

Thanks for choosing Safe YouTube!

Krzysztof Kempiński

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IT expert. Ruby on Rails/iOS/Elixir programmer. Blogger. Podcaster.

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