Pixels #5 And other stuff 👋

Heeelllo! It’s been a while since last time and a lot has happened since I launched Daily Pixels a couple of months ago. I’ve returned back to Sweden from Singapore, been working on Klart.co, and redesigned Daily Pixels from scratch. Heck, it’s not even named Daily Pixels anymore. It’s just Pixels 😄. Don’t worry though, I’ll still update it every day 🚀.

To get some context, first version of Daily Pixels looked like this:

First version of Daily Pixels 🐣

The ideas was to create a cinema like experience with keyboard navigation. Though I regret that and decided to redesign it using a more familiar metaphor. This is the new design:

New Pixels design 🎉

And of course there is a modal:

ModalsModalsModals 👯

What do you think? I’d love to know on Twitter @drikerf or whatever suits you. My email is fredrik at klart.co if that’s what you prefer 😊.

Anyway, let’s get down to business with some of this weeks beautiful designs.


One of the coolest yet simple websites I’ve encountered recently is Rainbowhunt.com. It’s so beautifully designed with moving raindrops and everything. It has a super cool cursor animation that allows you to move around, and details everywhere too! Try clicking the stop button. Super cool 🤗.


Comickult has a really nice looking background with moving comic posters fading in and out quite randomly.


I really liked how Soundy worked with simple elements and colors to create this beautiful list view of sounds. The LP players are even animated when you click play. A really cool detail 🙌.


I really love Duolingo’s design work and Tinycards was not an exception. Great work with color contrasts and a background you just want to drink or something 🤤.

That’s it for this week! If you like to get a couple of beautiful designs to your inbox every week, make sure to subscribe at klart.co/pixels where you also can find all the designs I collect 😊. I’m not forcing you though, if you prefer this format, just return next week, and I’ll have something new for you 🤗.