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GrecoSyrian.com - Koine Greek for Levantines


Growing up in the Levant, a Rûm on both sides of my parents, I was convinced that the official language of the Rûm was Arabic.

But then, as I came across several books on the history of the Rûm, and how the original language of the faith was Koine Greek, and how the Rûm was forced into translating their litrugy and Orthodox prayers into Arabic, I decided to learn Koine Greek on my own.

I started several months ago, but unfortunately, I struggled to reach where I am today (I still consider myself a beginner). Especially that it was hard to find resources online. And most of the resources were in Koine Greek/English, and, in my opinion English is not an adequate language for learning Koine Greek. Koine Greek needs a language as hard and dead, such as Arabic.

So, with the help of my Greek neighbor, I was able to find the Greek Bible and the Greek Daily Orthodox Prayers book. I used both, interchangeably, to match words and sentences in order to better handle the language. It worked!

But, I thought to myself, how can others also benefit from this, especially that there are no online resources of Koine Greek/Arabic? So I decided to launch grecosyrian.com, a digital repository which contains: the Orthodox Prayers in Koine Greek/Arabic, a Guide on useful online resources and YouTube videos of Byzantine Hymns in Greek/Arabic.

As I said earlier, I still consider myself a beginner, and I personally hate grammar, so don’t expect much, but I’ll keep building and adding content as time progresses.





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