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I Made The Book That I Couldn’t Find

In 2019, as I delved into the history of my people, the Rûm of the Levant, I discovered that we aren’t Arab, but we have been Arabized, thanks to a bunch of intellectual yet idiot Levantines and some foreign intervention.

The question is, if we are not Arab, and we are in fact Greco-Levantine, why do we pray in Arabic and have almost no use of Greek in our lives?

Regardless of the answer, I decided to learn the original language of our faith, Koine Greek, and I had to do it on my own.

With almost nothing available online, I had to learn it in an indirect way, until recently, I have compiled the data, resources and tools into one book: “Grecosyrian.com — Koine Greek for Levantines”, for others like me who wish to learn the language but couldn’t find anything online.

This is what I basically did: I divided Orthodox prayers into lines. Each line is in Greek and then below it is its Arabic counterpart in addition to the English transliteration for both lines (so Levantines can learn how to read Greek/Arabic). Not only that, but I also provided a word-to-word dictionary at the end of each prayer so Levantines can know the meaning of each word.

Again, not only that, but since people should learn how to spell the Greek/Arabic words, I wrote down the lyrics for Orthodox hymns/chants in Greek & Arabic available on YouTube so you can chant along with them, hear how they spell the words and enjoy the beauty of the Byzantine Rite.

Finally, I know some Levantine diaspora neither know Arabic nor Greek, so in the last chapter “Notes & References”, I included the English version of each prayer and a couple of Koine Greek-English online dictionaries to be used in parallel.

My book is now available on Payhip:

If you do buy it, I hope you enjoy it and it truly helps you. If you are in a country where Payhip is not available please get in contact with me on:






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