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Sodioum, with an “O”

I’m really happy to announce the launch of the latest blog to join the Klasssik family of content that lasts, sodioum.com.


I was not used to expressing what I usually I do at work, nor do I still see myself doing that. But since the past few years have helped me endeavor into new fields through the lense of my work, my job became exciting, something that comes when someone is doing something he loves and wants to work on.

I’m an engineer at heart, but I didn’t express my engineering knowledge throughout the years in my writings and blogs, I tended to write about other topics that I read about independently. But now, with the exciting new fields I’m learning about, like Data Science, I can start to see the intersection between my full-time job and my after working hours reading. And I have had this great urge of writing and sharing my findings.

That’s why, I decided to launch Sodioum to share with you my humble and independent engineering research, combining engineering design, data science, risk management and engineering challenges I faced/still face at work.

I hope you get to honestly enjoy this blog, especially if you are not an engineer.





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