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When I’m not Drinking Wine/Arak, This is What I Do.

Well, when I’m not doing something Levantine (like drinking wine/Arak, going on slow walks, spending some time at an Orthodox Church,…) I’m a full time telecommunications and ICT networks engineer.

Upon graduating from college, our graduation project got a lot of positive feedback that we were granted extra funding to continue working on it. That experience was the first of my engineering tinkering experiences. From that day on, I have never quit doing that, despite the fact that I work for a big corporation.

While I remain the youngest engineer in my team, I have published 3 preprints in arXiv that eventually led to changing the company wide specifications on computer networks to include decentralized computer networks and multi-vendor support. Thanks to the book Anrifragile which inspired me to harness decentralization and redundancy as insurance against future uncertainties.

Then, my next move was learning to code, on my own, and which ended up in me creating several codes that are now being used as standard in projects around the company, reducing time for time consuming tasks from several hours to a couple of minutes. This, I believe, is the future in engineering design firms, especially if their revenue is based on projects paid by the hour.

But my journey didn’t stop there, my latest interest has been in exploring the Audio-Visual and wireless communication fields, looking into acoustical design softwares and geeky visually products like mixed-reality solitons and real-time locating systems.

That’s why, I decided to launch Sodioum.com where I share my engineering knowledge/tinkering results and projects. Hoping to find like-minded engineers.

My field of work is a never ending feedback loop of progress and engineering leaps, making it hard to catch up with, but fulfilling because you can never stop learning, otherwise you die out.





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