I Love Being Surrounded by People and Doing My Own Thing

An update about Brighton Language Collective and my space in it


Yes, I have loved the last two months at the coworking office. My #xl8 life feels more structured now and I procrastinate less. I don’t know how that works, but I guess community is the key word here.

When freelancing, it is crucial to find a space where people know exactly how it feels to be a freelancer.

The fact everything is up to me can sometimes be quite tricky when freelancing. Feeling of freedom and flexibility sometimes mix with uncertainty and pressure. Being in an office with people that can empathise with one means no more isolation when difficult times arrive. Besides, it is very refreshing to be around people that do what they love.

I like thinking how the fact each of us runs their own business doesn’t divide us, but helps to develop healthy relationships and learn from each other. Diversity connects people.

Uniformity is boring. I treasure the fact I am unique, just as each and every one of us, and I feel fortunate I can experience that through my work, too. Corporations can sap people’s sense of uniqueness and gaining it back is priceless. Going freelance and renting a desk at a coworking hub is not the only way to realise that, but it’s certainly one that works.

At BLC we share the space, interest in languages and of course, in coffee breaks.

There is a cute dog here too, her name is Poppy.

I got involved in managing BLC’s Twitter account. I am tweeting about language and coworking in general. If there is anything more you would like to know about BLC or my experience as a freelance translator, give me a shout, I would be happy to chat.

Happy summer!