What Has a Year of Full-time Freelancing Done to Me?

My Present Reflections on the Past (22 of them)

For over 15 months now I have been freelancing full-time as a translator and language teacher and I can confirm the following:

  1. I have not had enough time to blog (how do all these people manage to blog and work at the same time?)
  2. I have been able to get enough jobs to make a living
  3. I have learned to respect my money
  4. I have started to like issuing invoices (awkward)
  5. My accountant has been brilliant and I am friends with the tax office
  6. I have been learning to manage my time and have been doing well (thanks Pomodoro)
  7. I have been alive
  8. I have spent more time with my family
  9. I have been attending webinars, conferences, language shows and met new colleagues in the language industry
  10. I don’t like the word ‘freelancer’ anymore, cause I have been using it way too much
  11. I started hating the words ‘success’ and ‘successful’ cause they’re fake and overused
  12. I have felt depressed at times
  13. I have felt isolated approximately 3 times a week
  14. I have felt insecure about various things
Mermaid by my favourite Kate Pugsley

15. I have started speaking out about the above

16. I have understood I am not alone and I don’t need to feel isolated and anxious

17. I have felt supported at all times

18. I have not given up

19. I am still doing my thing

20. I have realised I enjoy teaching a lot

21. I have got a new job as a Swedish teacher at the University of Westminster (proud of this)

22. I have been feeling the best is yet to come

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this.

All the best,