Klaviyo Data Science Podcast EP 40 | Platform Abuse and Misuse

Michael Lawson
Klaviyo Data Science
2 min readOct 13, 2023


Welcome back to the Klaviyo Data Science podcast! This episode, we dive into…

Off the happy path

In most discussions about data science and data science features on this podcast, we make a basic, foundational assumption: the users whose data we are thinking about and customer experience we are trying to improve are, generally speaking, trying to use the platform in a way we recognize and approve of. Not all users of an application have this intention, and the data science behind detecting users who misuse a platform— and even abuse it — constitutes a complex and vast field of study.

Listen along to learn more about:

  • Different types of human behaviors motivating platform misuse, and how that translates to different types of data
  • What makes many-to-one problems so challenging
  • Why keywords alone are not enough

“Handling the communication here is hard. On one side of it, you just want to outright say ‘hey, good bye, good luck,’ but if there’s an educational opportunity, you obviously want to provide the best user experience you can and educate that brand.”

— Francis Baker, Software Engineer II

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Michael Lawson
Klaviyo Data Science

Data scientist at Klaviyo. Poet. Creator and host of the Klaviyo Data Science Podcast. Double UNC-Chapel Hill alum.