Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 3

Live at Klaviyo:BOS

We sat down at Klaviyo:BOS — Klaviyo’s conference with 350+ customers, partners, and ecommerce companies in attendance — to talk about, what else? Klaviyo:BOS!

Julie Lungaro and I discuss our different roles as part of the event and how fun it was for all the designers at Klaviyo to join creative forces to work on it. Mike Greene, Product Marketing Manager (now known as “Mike on the Mic”) joined us as host.

Julie was a speaker, presenting on email design to some of the marketing professionals that made their way to Boston for the event. She shares some challenges in building her talk and gives us some thoughts on communicating with our non-designer coworkers and clients. (also.. spoiler: She was a great speaker!)

For my part, this was a great chance to reflect on the months-long process of designing a full scale conference. We have been busy at Klaviyo — we rebranded, overhauled the website, and brought the branding into real-life experiences through Klaviyo:BOS and our workshops — all in less than a year. This was an opportunity to hit pause and see people really interact with the brand we have been working hard to build. Equal parts fun and challenging, projects like this always seem to teach the best lessons.

In this episode:

  • Communicating design principles to help others understand design better
  • How testing can help build trust with business owners and clients
  • Why focus is the key to strong creative delivery in large projects
  • Why events are a good reminder that design doesn’t only happen in software
  • Why saying “No” can be one of the most helpful design skills

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