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This is a guest post written by Kyle Tremblay, Sr. PM at EXCLUSIVE.


I’m Kyle Tremblay, Senior Product Manager at EXCLUSIVE, a data-driven, industry leading eCommerce agency. Our mission is to use the right balance of people and technology to create stronger marketing strategies customized to our clients’ unique business needs and deliver higher profit and more demand.

EXCLUSIVE is a Klaviyo Platinum Agency Partner.

Why did I build with Klaviyo?

EXCLUSIVE’s proprietary reporting platform, Business Insights, integrates with over fifteen data sources to provide our ecommerce specialists and client users with robust cross-channel reporting and actionable insights, all within a single platform.

Integrating with Klaviyo’s APIs was a no-brainer as it allowed us to build reporting that’s informed by our clients’ goals. Additionally, we’re now able to highlight useful, holistic insights to determine what actions should be taken by our clients to meet their goals. Thanks to these APIs, Klaviyo data is now part of EXCLUSIVE Business Insights’ proprietary, cross-channel reporting.

We store full historical data from all our data sources in our enterprise data warehouse. This allows us to use Klaviyo data in different ways and combine it with other data sources to deliver comprehensive modeling and data analytics capabilities.

Our Email/SMS Marketing Performance report allows users to view Klaviyo data trends over time, and seamlessly compare how email and SMS marketing impacts holistic performance.

Klaviyo Insights

We establish access to our clients’ Klaviyo accounts through private API keys, which are securely configured and encrypted in our system. Once configured, we connect to the API through Python and do an initial bulk pull of historical data into our Enterprise Data Warehouse. From there, data is transformed and loaded into the Business Insights reporting platform, with fresh data being pulled in daily.

We use the ‘Get Metrics’ API call to return all metrics, then call ‘Get Events’ to return events and data for each metric. We segment metrics by the Campaign, Flow, and Attributed Message attributes, which allows us to build both account level and deeper dive reporting. This Python code snippet outlines how we achieved this

The following Python code highlighted below is a snippet from a function we built to pull several metrics at the campaign level and format them in a dataframe. Replace “Campaign Name” with “$flow” to segment by flow or use “$attributed_message” to segment by attributed message.

Tips, Tricks, and Learnings

Challenges that were faced/overcome?

  1. Initially, we ran into a few edge cases where some metrics were not returned from the API for some of our clients. We were able to resolve this by paginating the ‘Get Metrics’ call logic and determined that the issue was likely caused by the large volume of data we were pulling at once from over 30 Klaviyo accounts
  2. Today, ‘placed orders’ and ‘placed order revenue’ cannot be segmented by the ‘Campaign Name’ attribute. To maneuver this, we pulled these at the ‘Attributed Message’ level then mapped them to campaigns. We are looking forward to the new campaign endpoints that will be released in the next version of Klaviyo’s APIs, coming in early Q1 2023!

Klaviyo’s developer support resources were very helpful in helping us resolve these issues.

Learnings / Recommendations

Klaviyo has a Sample Data Generation Tool, which creates sample marketing, ecommerce, and/or catalog data for testing their APIs.

In September, Klaviyo hosted a very informative developer deep dive webinar in which they answered questions about using their APIs, outlined new features coming in future API versions, and provided insight into their roadmap. This level of transparency has been helpful for EXCLUSIVE in determining where Klaviyo API upgrades and new integrations will fall on our own roadmap.


At EXCLUSIVE, we look forward to continuing to enhance our Klaviyo reporting as new API versions and features are released, and as our email and SMS marketing services continue to grow. With the power of Klaviyo’s data and insights at our helm, EXCLUSIVE has been able to provide unparalleled support to our email and SMS marketing clients — from mom-and-pop shops that are just starting out, to large ecommerce brands that have sophisticated multi-purpose programs in place.

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