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Announcement regarding KLAY airdrop event rewards

Dear KLAYswap community.
Thank you for your interest and participation in the KLAY Airdrop event held from November 26 to December 24, 2020.

Check event announcements>

The event was held to commemorate the launch of KLAYswap’s SNS and encourage the expansion of the KLAYswap communication channels, and the event was successfully completed with 18,000 Twitter followers, 2,600 Instagram followers, 1,700 Facebook followers, and 1,800 Naver blog visits.
This all thanks to a enthusiastic support from everyone in the community.

For those who won the event, a total of 18,002 KLAY was airdropped as below on January 11th (Tue).
Check out your wallets now!
Please pay a lot of attention to the KLAYswap event in the future!

Rewards given to event winners


* If you did not agree to provide personal information, you were excluded from the subject of recipient.
* You should submit a confirmation of participation within the event period to be subjected for a lottery pool.
* Duplicate participation by SNS is permissible in this event, and duplicate participation using the same SNS channel was not accepted.
* If you did not meet the event requirements or have participated in un-permissible ways, you were excluded from the prize recipient.
* If the KLAY sent to the Airdrop is lost or not received, it will not be retransmitted, and KLAYswap will not be responsible for those incidents.

* Please pay attention to false impersonation accounts. In principle, KLAYswap never asks for your wallet syntax nor notify the winners individually.




Klaytn’s decentralized, automated liquidity protocol

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KLAYswap is an AMM-based swap protocol that allows users to swap any KCT token on the basis of KLAY. The active website is https://klayswap.com

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