Drops 09 : 3SPACE ART - ‘PACE’

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2 min readDec 16, 2021


Dear members of the KLAYswap community!

We are thrilled to announce the ninth KLAYswap Drops event -

3 Space Art ‘s token ‘PACE’

What’s 3 Space Art and PACE token

3 Space Art is a digital art platform where artists and collectors can showcase their digital arts at offline events and exhibitions. 3 Space Art gives profits to owners of NFTs by selling their digital arts through the Non-Fungible Token blockchain technology. 3 Space Art provides “Marketplace” that allows buying and selling digital arts using Fiat money or cryptocurrency, and “Art Pool services” that allows depositing NFT in a smart contract pool and presenting their works offline. 3 Space Art will serve as a bridge to deliver digital art and NFT to the real world by finding appropriate channels for “physically” displaying art and holding events and exhibitions. These offline places will attract more audiences, and the ultimate goal of 3 Space Art is to spread digital art to the real world by creating a space where artists, projects, and collectors could gather to stretch out a meaningful stride with various projects and form a cooperative community. PACE tokens are part of a loyalty program for artists and collectors who participate in marketplaces and art pools. The goal of the PACE token is to coordinate incentives among writers, collectors, and audiences so that all participants can support digital art and cooperate in promotion.

PACE airdrop period and amount, during KLAYswap Drops

PACE Airdrop will be performed for 7 days, from Dec 21 to Dec. 27. Total amount of PACE token is 626,960 PACE. The amount each user receives will be dependent on snapshots of vKSP voting power, based on their KSP staking. Tokens can be claimed on Dec. 27, after the airdrop event is over.

How to participate in Drops

If you are a user who is currently staking KSP, you are automatically eligible for the new project airdrops Drops offers. Tokens will be airdropped based on the snapshot of the user’s vKSP quantity after KSP staking, and the snapshot will be held once a day at 9:00 am (KST/UTC+9). In order to receive the airdrop, you must have vKSP before the snapshot.

How to stake KSP

Token distribution

- 50 percent of the total supply is allocated as rewards for using the Marketplace and Art Pool. (50%)

- Marketplace (25%)

- Art Pool (25%)

View more details about PACE token

Project details

- Official website : https://3space.art/home

- Vision paper : https://docs.3space.art/

- Twitter : https://twitter.com/3spaceart

- Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/3space.art/




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