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Drops 21 : Zemiter — ‘ZEMIT’

Hello! KLAYswap Community!

Today, we are very excited to introduce the 21th KLAYswapDrops event to KLAYswap users — Zemiter’s “ZEMIT” !

1. Zemiter — ‘ZEMIT’

Zemiter is an open blockchain game platform that presents a new world for the global blockchain game industry and allows players, developers, and platform providers to share culture and values together. Within the Zemiter, players experience various blockchain services such as NFT, Play to Earn (P2E), and Metaverse, as well as financial services for virtual assets with one account, while enjoying the intrinsic pleasure of a game. This blockchain ecosystem operates transparently with token holders and will serve as a driving force in providing better games.

The ZEMIT token is the key currency of the token economy. It is classified as a utility token for measuring the value of the entire ecosystem, facilitating resource circulation within the ecosystem, and using services within the Zemiter ecosystem.

All games participating in the ecosystem are connected through ZEMIT, and through token exchange, users can use the main ecosystem services centering on the ZEMIT token. As a platform provider, Zemiter aims not only to provide users with high-quality content from publishers and game developers but also to keep the token economy sustainable within the Zemiter ecosystem and support long-term profits.

2. ZEMIT airdrop period and amount distributed at KLAYswap Drop

ZEMIT airdrop will be performed for 7 days, from July 27 to Aug 2.

Total amount of 120,000 ZEMIT will be distributed to KLAYswap Drops; 70,000 ZEMIT will be airdropped to vKSP holders, and 50,000 ZEMIT will be airdropped to the major liquidity pools. The amount of airdrops obtained by the user is calculated based on the snapshot of the amount of vKSP held after KSP staking. Claims can be made from Aug 2nd, the day after the end of the airdrop.

3. How to participate in Drops

Users participating in KSP staking are automatically eligible for airdrops for new projects supported by Drops. The airdrop quantity will be distributed based on the snapshot of the user’s vKSP quantity after KSP staking, and the snapshot will be held once a day at 9:00 am (KST). To receive the airdrop, you must have staked KSP before the snapshot and obtained vKSP.

View our guide on how to stake KSP

4. Token Allocation

-A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued, and it is designed for long-term operation to ensure and increase sustainable liquidity. The distribution plan is as follows.

1) Community: Community distribution will be provided to build an in-game alliance to expand the ecosystem and to build a market by acquiring high-quality games.

2) Ecosystem: Ecosystem distribution is used to create an initial liquidity pool and to compensate users for staking, mining, and various service rewards to revitalize the sustainable ecosystem. It also includes support for sustaining the ecosystem through various project developments.

3) Zemiter operation: Includes securing initial operating costs and building strategic partnerships.

4) Team: Token will be used to reward team members and affiliated companies that contributed to building platform structure, implementation and support.

5) Marketing: Marketing distribution is used for promoting the brand and platform through various marketing activities.

Learn more about ZEMIT TOKEN

5. Project Details

- Official Website : https://zemiter.io/

- Discord: https://discord.gg/e6qT22hKf5

- Telegram (Announcement): https://t.me/ZEMITER

- Telegram (Community) : https://t.me/ZEMITERCOMMUNITY

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZEMITEROFFICIAL



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